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A map of Minnesota area codes. 507 is in dark brown.

Area code 507 is the telephone numbering plan code for the southern 1/5th of Minnesota, including cities such as Rochester, Mankato, Worthington , Fairmont and Austin. It was the third area code created for use in the state in 1954, following the original Area code 218 and Area code 612. In the original 1947 plan, area codes with a middle digit of "0" (zero) were assigned only to states that were entirely covered by a single area code. Area code 507, and area code 607 in New York, were the first area codes with a middle digit of "0" to be assigned in states that had more than one area code.

The region directly bordered 612 (located to the north) until that area code was divided up in the 1990s. The western half of 507 bordered area code 320 starting in 1996, and then later came to border area code 651 (1998) and area code 952 (2000). The northern border of 507 was modified slightly so that growing communities in and near the Twin Cities would be more closely linked with that region by telephone. 612 has now shrunken down to just include Minneapolis and a few surrounding suburbs, and no longer borders 507.


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State of Minnesota area codes: 218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
North: 320, 651, 952
West: 605 507 East: 608
South: 515, 563, 641. 712
State of Iowa area codes: 319, 515, 563, 641, 712
State of North Dakota area code: 701
State of Wisconsin area codes: 262, 274, 414, 608, 715, 920



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