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José Miguel Beñaran Ordeñana (1949, Arrigorriaga, Biscay, Spain – 21 December 1978, Anglet, France) was a Basque activist and a key figure in the political evolution of the Basque separatist organization Euskadi ta Askatasuna (ETA). Often known by his nom de guerre Argala (Slim), he took part in the 1973 assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco, Franco's Prime Minister. Five years later, he was in turn assassinated by a car bomb in Anglet in France by a group directed by far right people inside the Spanish Marine (including an official of the SECED secret service and another of the Naval military intelligence agency, Servicio de Inteligencia Naval and the other belonging to the Alto Estado Mayor). This group received assistance from people such as former OAS member Jean Pierre Cherid, former Triple A Argentine member José María Boccardo and Italian neofascist Mario Ricci, member of Avanguardia Nazionale [1].


1978 assassination

Argala was the only etarra who could identify the mysterious man who handed up to ETA Carrero Blanco's schedule and itinerary. According to Leonidas, former member of the Spanish Army who participated to the bombing against Argala, "the explosives came from a North-American base. I don't remember with exactitude if it was from Torrejón or Rota, but I do know that the Americans did not know what for they would be used. It was a personal favor they made to Pedro el Marino" (alias Pedro Martínez) who provided the explosives. Argala's assassination was reinvidicated by the Batallón Vasco Español (BVE). However, according to Leonidas, "BVE, ATE or "Triple A" are only sigles", conveniently used according to each situation [1].


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