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Ariarathes VII Philometor (Ancient Greek: Ἀριαράθης Φιλομήτωρ, Ariaráthēs Philomḗtōr; reigned 116101 BC or 111 BC100 BC), king of Cappadocia, was son of king Ariarathes VI and wife Laodice. In his first years he reigned under the regency of his mother Laodice, sister of the king of Pontus Mithridates VI. During this period the kingdom was seized by Nicomedes III, king of Bithynia, who married Laodice. But Nicomedes was soon expelled by Mithridates, who restored upon the throne Ariarathes VI; but when the latter objected to his father's assassin and ally of Mithridates, Gordius, the king of Pontus had him killed and put in his place a son of his, Ariarathes IX.

Preceded by
Ariarathes VI
King of Cappadocia
116 BC101 BC
Succeeded by
Ariarathes VIII


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