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Ariel Atias
Ariel Atias.jpg
Date of birth 13 November 1970 (1970-11-13) (age 39)
Place of birth Tel Aviv, Israel
Knessets 17th, 18th
Party Shas
Ministerial posts
(current in bold)
Minister of Housing & Construction
Minister of Communications

Ariel Atias (Hebrew: אריאל אטיאס‎, born 13 November 1970) is an Israeli politician who currently serves as a member of the Knesset for Shas, and as the country's Minister of Housing and Construction. He is also manager of Shas' kosher supervision organization.



Born in Tel Aviv, Atias was first elected to the Knesset on Shas' list in the 2006 elections. In May 2006 he was promoted to the position of Minister of Communications in the current government. In 2007 he tried to get a law passed that would censor violence, sex, and gambling on the internet.[1] Also, in February 2008 he said if Israel and Palestinians were holding secret negotiations on Jerusalem the Shas Party would leave the government.[2]

He retained his seat in the 2009 elections, having been placed second on the Shas list, and was appointed Minister of Housing and Construction in the Netanyahu government.[3]

He is the father of four and currently resides in Jerusalem.[4]

Controversy over 2009 statements

On 2 July 2009, Ha'aretz reported that at a conference of the Israel Bar Association focused on reforming Israel's Land Administration, Atias called for the segregation of Israel's Arab population from Jewish Israelis, saying that achieving it was "a national duty."[5]

Commenting on so-called mixed towns whilst at the time serving as the Minister for Housing, he was reported as saying "populations that should not mix are spreading...I don't think that it is appropriate [for them] to live together," calling for land in Israel to be marketed to Arab and Jewish sectors separately, so as to segregate the populations[6]


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