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The Arizona Senate is part of the Arizona Legislature, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Arizona. The Senate consists of 30 members representing an equal amount of constituencies across the state, with each district having average populations of 171,021 (2000 figures). Members serve two-year terms with term limits, limiting Senators to four terms (a total of eight years). Members of the Republican Party are currently in the majority in the Senate.

As with the Arizona House of Representatives, members to the Senate are elected from the same legislative districts as House members, however one Senator represents the constituency, while for the House there are two Representatives per district. This districting system is similar to those of the Idaho and Washington State Senate.

Like other upper houses of state and territorial legislatures and the federal U.S. Senate, the Senate can confirm or reject gubernatorial appointments to the state cabinet, commissions and boards.

The Senate convenes in the adjacent legislative chambers at the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix.


Leadership of the Senate

Arizona, along with Oregon, Maine and Wyoming, is one of the four U.S. states to have abolished the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, the nominal senate president in many states. As a result, the Senate elects its own presiding officer, the President of the Senate, who presides over the body, appoints members to all of the Senate's committees and to joint committees, and may create other committees and subcommittees if desired. The Senate President also appoints a President pro tempore, who serves for the duration of a session of the legislature, to preside in his absence, and may appoint a temporary President pro tempore in the absence of the President and President pro tempore.[1]

The current President of the Senate is Republican Bob Burns of District 9 (Peoria). The Senate Majority Leader is Chuck Gray of District 19 (Mesa). The Senate Minority Leader is Jorge Luis Garcia of District 27 (Tucson).


Leadership information

Position Name Party Residence District
President of the Senate Bob Burns Republican Peoria District 9
President pro tempore Thayer Verschoor Republican Gilbert District 22
Majority Leader Chuck Gray Republican Mesa District 19
Majority Whip Pamela Gorman Republican Anthem District 6
Minority Leader Jorge Luis Garcia Democratic Tucson District 27
Assistant Minority Leader Rebecca Rios Democratic Apache Junction District 23
Minority Whip Linda Lopez Democratic Tucson District 29

Current composition

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 17 13 30 0
Begin 18 12 30 0
Latest voting share 60.0% 40.0%

Current members, 2009-2010

District Senator Party Info Senator 2007-2008 Party
01 - Prescott - Coconino County Steve Pierce Republican 1 Tom O'Halleran Republican
02 - Flagstaff - Navajo & Apache Cties Albert Hale Democratic 2 Albert Hale Democratic
03 - Mohave County - La Paz County N. Ron Gould Republican 3 Ron Gould Republican
04 - Yavapai Cty South - Maricopa Cty N. Jack W. Harper Republican 4 Jack W. Harper Republican
05 - Gila County - Snowflake Sylvia Tenney Allen Republican 5 Sylvia Tenney Allena[›] Republican
06 - Phoenix North - Cave Creek Pamela Gorman Republican 6 Pamela Gorman Republican
07 - Phoenix Nth-Nth-East - Carefree Jim Waring Republican 7 Jim Waring Republican
08 - Phoenix North-East - Scottsdale Carolyn Allen Republican 8 Carolyn Allen Republican
09 - Phoenix N-W. - Sun City - Peoria Bob Burns Republican 9 Bob Burns Republican
10 - Phoenix North Central - Glendale Linda Gray Republican 10 Linda Gray Republican
11 - Phoenix East - Paradise Valley Barbara Leff Republican 11 Barbara Leff Republican
12 - Phoenix West - Litchfield Park John Nelson Republican 12 Robert Blendu Republican
13 - Phoenix South-West - Tolleson Richard Miranda Democratic 13 Richard Miranda Democratic
14 - Phoenix South Central Debbie McCune Davis Democratic 14 Debbie McCune Davis Democratic
15 - Phoenix South-East Central Ken Cheuvront Democratic 15 Ken Cheuvront Democratic
16 - Phoenix South - Guadalupe Leah Landrum Taylor Democratic 16 Leah Landrum Taylor Democratic
17 - Phoenix South-East - Tempe Meg Burton Cahill Democratic 17 Meg Burton Cahill Democratic
18 - Mesa West (Sth-East out Phoenix) Russell Pearce Republican 18 Karen Johnson Republican
19 - Mesa East (Sth-East out Phoenix) Chuck Gray Republican 19 Chuck Gray Republican
20 - Phoenix South - Chandler West John Huppenthal Republican 20 John Huppenthal Republican
21 - Chandler - Queen Creek (S-E Phoen.) Jay Tibshraeny Republican 21 Jay Tibshraeny Republican
22 - Gilbert - Mesa South - Gold Camp (Gold Canyon) Thayer Verschoor Republican 22 Thayer Verschoor Republican
23 - Pinal County Rebecca Rios Democratic 23 Rebecca Rios Democratic
24 - Yuma County - La Paz Cty South Amanda Aguirre Democratic 24 Amanda Aguirre Democratic
25 - Pima County W. - Cochise County Manny Alvarez Democratic 25 Marsha Arzberger Democratic
26 - Oro Valley - Catalina (Tucson North) Al Melvin Republican 26 Charlene Pesquiera Democratic
27 - Tucson West - Three Points Jorge Luis Garcia Democratic 27 Jorge Luis Garcia Democratic
28 - Tucson North Paula Aboud Democratic 28 Paula Aboud Democratic
29 - Tucson Linda Lopez Democratic 29 Victor Soltero Democratic
30 - Green Valley ( Tucson Sth et East) Jonathan Paton Republican 30 Tim Bee Republican
  • ^ a: Allen was selected to fill the vacancy left by the death of former senator Jake Flake, who died on June 08, 2008.[2]

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