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A screenshot of Ark in KDE 4.1
Developer(s) Rob Palmbos, Francois-Xavier Duranceau, Emily Ezust, Roberto Selbach Teixeira, Helio Castro, Georg Robbers, Henrique Pinto, Harald Hvaal
Stable release 2.13 / 2009-08-04; 5 months ago
Written in C++ (Qt)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type File archiver
License GPL

Ark is an archiving tool for KDE, included into kdeutils package.


  • Ark does not intrinsically understand any archive format, but instead acts as a frontend to command-line archivers. It can work with many backends, including 7z, tar, rar, zip, gzip, bzip2, lha, zoo, and ar.
  • Ark can be integrated into Konqueror, through KParts technology, if the appropriate plugin from kdeaddons package is installed. After installing it, files can be added or extracted in/from the archives using Konqueror's context menus.
  • Support for editing files in archive with external programs. Files can also be deleted from the archive.
  • Archives creation with drag and drop.

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