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Origin Halmstad, Sweden
Genres Melodic death metal
Thrash metal
Power metal
Years active 1997-2002
Labels W.A.R., Toy's Factory
Associated acts Arch Enemy
Christopher Amott
Tobias Gustafsson
Daniel Erlandsson
Former members
Peter Wildoer
Martin Bengtsson
Jonas Nyrén
Rickard Bengtsson
Dick Lövgren
Not to be confused with Armageddon (A&M band).

Armageddon was a Swedish heavy metal band, led by Christopher Amott of Arch Enemy. Originally conceived as a melodic death metal band, the group's later efforts fall into the power metal category. The band has released three albums in Japan to date.



Formed in Halmstad, Sweden, in 1997 by Christopher Amott, Armageddon began when Arch Enemy were invited to Japan to sign a new record deal with Toy's Factory records after the release of the Black Earth album. While in Japan, Christopher secured his own record deal for a solo project, which became Armageddon. When he returned to Sweden, he recruited drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic), bassist Martin Bengtsson, and vocalist Jonas Nyrén (In Thy Dreams).

The band released their 1997 debut album, Crossing the Rubicon, on the now defunct W.A.R. records in Europe, and on Toy's Factory Records in Japan. The album, which some consider to be a concept album, was well received by critics and fans. Crossing the Rubicon focused primarily on melodic death metal, but incorporated instrumentals and special effects pieces between each song. The album was released by the same label that released Arch Enemy's first album in Europe, but it folded soon after the release of Rubicon and the album has since become a very rare find. To this day, Crossing the Rubicon has never been released outside of Europe and Japan.

Following Crossing the Rubicon, Peter Wildoer and Martin Bengtsson both joined Arch Enemy, recording and releasing Stigmata in 1998. Christopher would focus on Arch Enemy for the better part of three years, and did not return to Armageddon until 2000's Embrace the Mystery, released in Japan on Toy's Factory records. The album featured Last Tribe members Rickard Bengtsson on vocals and Dick Lövgren on bass (also of Meshuggah), as well as Arch Enemy's new drummer Daniel Erlandsson (In Flames, Eucharist). The new album focused on more melodic metal, with classic metal riffs, harmonies, and clean singing.

In 2002, Armageddon resurfaced with Three, this time as a three-piece band, and featuring the vocals of Christopher Amott and new bassist Tobias Gustafsson (of Eucharist). Almost a pure power metal effort, the album was again released by Toy's Factory, and only in Japan. Today the status of Armageddon is unknown, although many fans believe Amott will return to the project in the future.


Final lineup

Former members


Year of Release Title Label
1997 Crossing the Rubicon W.A.R. Records
2000 Embrace the Mystery Toy's Factory
2002 Three Toy's Factory

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