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Armenian Aryan Union
Hay Ariakan Miabanowtyun

  Հայ Արիական Միաբանություն 
Leader Armen Avetisyan
Founded ?
Ideology Ultra-nationalism
International affiliation ?

The Armenian Aryan Union (Հայ Արիական Միաբանության ՀԱՄ Hay Ariakan Miabanowt’yan HAM) is an ultra-nationalist ethnocentric and antisemitic political party in Armenia. Its leader, one Armen Avetisyan (also spelled Avetisian) has received a suspended three years' sentence in 2005 by Yerevan court for inciting ethnic hatred in a series of interviews in which he branded the Jews as the enemies of Armenia.

Avetisyan was subsequently denied US visa as he intended to go on a lecturing tour addressing the Armenian American community.


Leaders arrest

A Holocaust memorial in a public park in the center of Yerevan also came under attack in September, when vandals desecrated the memorial on the final day of Jewish New Year celebrations.

Armenia's Jewish community is estimated to number a few hundreds people. It is largely formed of scientists and other professionals who moved to Armenia in the 1960s and '70s to escape persecution in Russia and Ukraine. Most integrated quickly into society, marrying ethnic Armenians and adopting Armenian surnames.

Karapetian's rhetoric appeared to embolden Armen Avetisian, the openly anti-Jewish leader of the Armenian Aryan Union, a small ultra nationalist party. Avetisian in a recent newspaper interview alleged that there are as many as 50,000 disguised Jews in Armenia. He was arrested on 24 January on charges of inciting ethnic hatred. [1]

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