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Arne Jostein Ingebrethsen (9 July 1903 – 7 January 1945) was a Norwegian newspaper editor who was killed during the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany.

His father Ingolf Ingebrethsen was a long-time editor of the newspaper Flekkefjordsposten. After the German invasion of Norway, the newspaper showed an uncooperative attitude towards the authorities. For an article printed on 1 August 1940, Arne Jostein Ingebrethsen was arrested and was incarcerated at Møllergata 19 from 12 August to 14 October 1940.[1][2][3]

His father backed down as editor, and Ingebrethsen served as editor from 1941 to 1943.[1] He was arrested again in 1943, and was imprisoned at Møllergata 19 from 14 July to 6 August, and then in Grini concentration camp until 13 November. He was then shipped to concentration camps on the European continent.[2] He spent time in Natzweiler-Struthof, Mauthausen and Melk, and died here in January 1945.[1][3] Two of his brothers succeeded him as editor.[1]


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