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Artist Albert Namatjira was a Western Arrernte man.

The Arrernte people (pronounced [ˈəraɳɖa][1]), known in English as the Aranda or Arunta, are those Indigenous Australians who are the original custodians of Arrernte lands in the central area of Australia around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. The Arrernte tribe has lived here for more than 20,000 years.[2]

Their ancestors spoke one or more of a group of related languages or dialects.


Groups and country

The Arrernte comprise people who identify with different parts of their "country":

  • Eastern Arrernte people live east of Alice Springs.
  • Central Arrernte people live in the area centred on Alice Springs.
  • Western Arrernte people traditionally live in the lands west of Alice Springs, out to Mutitjulu and King's Canyon.

Remember that although aboriginal people may be living in these places, they are not necessarily from the Arrernte People.


The Arrernte Council is the representative and administrative body for the Arrernte lands. It is part of the Central Land Council.

Languages in the Arrernte group

The Arrernte languages are:


Tourism is important to the economy of Alice Springs and surrounding communities, The Arrernte way of life is presented through tour guides and storytellers speaking of the life, their artwork, their culture and language in a variety of different ways. Tours are run regularly to Hermannsburg and Wallace Rockhole both of which are(Western Arrernte).[3]

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Arrernte mythology and spirituality focuses on the landscape and the Dreamtime, important creator spirits are, Altjira is the creator being of the Inapertwa that became all living creatures.

Tjurunga are objects of religious significance.

Two warships of the Royal Australian Navy have been named HMAS Arunta after the Arrernte people.


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  1. An aboriginal people of Northern Territory, Australia.
  2. A group of languages spoken by these people.




Arrernte (plural Arrerntes)

  1. A member of the Arrernte aboriginal people of Northern Territory, Australia.

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