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Arthur Kronfeld (* January 9, 1886 in Berlin; † October 16, 1941 in Moscow) was a German Psychiatrist.




1886 - 1904: Childhood and youth

1904 - 1909: Study time

1909 - 1919: First probations

Fireworks in Heidelberg

War fire

1919 - 1933: Successes in Berlin

At Institut für Sexualwissenschaft

Scientific acknowledgment


1933 - 1941: Suppression and exile (Switzerland, USSR)

Kronfeld was working on an important position in Moscow, where, together with his wife, he committed suicide at the approach of the German army. It is also possible that he became the victim of Stalinist terror and killed himself for that reason.



Through out Kronfeld's life he authored multiple books, some of those include:

  • 1906 Sexualität und ästhetisches Empfinden in ihrem genetischen Zusammenhang – Eine Studie. (Sexuality and aesthetic feeling in their genetic connection. A study.) Singer, Strasbourg and Leipzig
  • 1912 Over the psychological theories Freuds and used opinions - systematics and critical discussion. Engelman, Leipzig (extra pressure; Transl.: Moscow 1913)
  • 1920 The nature of the psychiatric realization. Contributions to General Psychiatry. Springer, Berlin
  • 1924 Hypnose and Suggestion. Ullstein, Berlin (row: Ways to the knowledge Nr.11; Transl.: Leningrad 1925, Moscow 1927; Prague 1931; Tallinn 1991)
  • 1924 Psychotherapy - Characterology, Psychoanalysis, Hypnose, Psychagogik. Springer, Berlin (2. verb. u. erw. Edition 1925)
  • 1927 The psychology in the psychiatry - an introduction to the psychological realization ways within the psychiatry and their position for clinical-pathological research. Springer, Berlin (Habilitationsschrift; engl. Over. 1936);
  • 1930 Perspectives of the soul medicine. Thieme, Leipzig
  • 1932 Text book the character customer. Springer, Berlin
  • 1932 with S. Wronsky and R. More purely: Social therapy and Psychotherapie in the methods of the welfare service. Heymann, Berlin
  • 1941 Degenerati u wlasti degenerated at power, Moscow, Krasnojarsk, Magadan 1942, repr. Moscow 1993; m.D.T. Krowawaja schajka degeneratow the bloody gang of the degenerated ones also Swerdlowsk 1942.


  • 1922-1927 Small writings for soul research Puettmann, Stuttgart (1928 briefly u.D.T. Writings for soul research resumed of Carl cutter)
  • 1934-36/37 also W. Stekel: Psychotherapeuti practice - quarter writing for practical medical Psychotherapie. Feasting man, Vienna



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