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Joint capsule
Diagrammatic section of a diarthrodial joint.
Latin capsulae articulares
Gray's subject #68 282

An articular capsule (or joint capsule) is an envelope surrounding a synovial joint.[1]



Each capsule consists of two layers:

  • an outer layer (stratum fibrosum) composed of avascular white fibrous tissue
  • an inner layer (stratum synoviale) which is a secreting layer, and is usually described separately as the synovial membrane.

On the inside of the capsule, articular cartilage covers the end surfaces of the bones that articulate within that joint.

The outer layer is highly innervated by the same nerves which perforate through the adjacent muscles associated with the joint.


Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a disorder in which the shoulder capsule becomes inflamed.

Plica Syndrome is a disorder in which the synovial plica becomes inflamed and causes abnormal biomechanics in the knee.

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