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Artillery Corps
Flag of the Artillery Corps
Sholef 155 mm self-propelled howitzer on a Merkava tank chassis

The Israeli Artillery Corps (Hebrew: חיל התותחנים‎, Heil HaTothanim) is the Israel Defense Forces corps responsible for operating the medium and long-range artillery network. Brigadier General David Savisa is the current Officer-in-Chief of the Artillery Corps. He replaced Brig. Gen. Mishel Ben Dror.[1]

The corps is known as the "Pillar of Fire" which moves ahead of the camp. In the framework of the integrated battle, the role of the Artillery Corps is to concentrate the firepower on land. The corps maintains an extraordinary firepower and is known as one of the most technologically advanced field corps. Its designation is defined as "paralyzing and destroying enemy forces by exerting firepower in land battles."

The corps is placed in charge of two principal tasks: assisting the maneuvering forces, in the time, place, and firepower needed. Its second task is the paralyzing and destroying enemy forces deep inside the land battle.

The Artillery Corps is an integral corps of GOC Army Headquarters. It is a diverse corps, with its lion share consisting of high-trajectory barrel artillery. The corps consist of three main support brigades:

  • The Pillar of Fire Formation is composed of the regular-service battalions Drakon ("Dragon") and Reshef ("Flash") as well as other reserve forces battalions.
  • The Golan Formation is composed of the regular battalions Namer ("Leopard"), Keren ("Ray") battalions, and the Ra'am ("Thunder"), which is an MLRS battalion, as well as other reserve battalions.
  • The Kela David Formation is composed of the Meytar ("String") unit, a special unit of the corps.

Primary equipment includes the Soltam M-71 towed howitzer, M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer, and the M270 MLRS multiple rocket launcher.

In addition, the corps also possesses radar and navigation networks, some of which is classified; the Corps Command; the School for Field Artillery; and a training centre.


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