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Arturo Cavero Velásquez
Birth name Arturo Cavero
Also known as Zambo
Born 29 November 1940
Origin Lima - Perú
Died October 9, 2009 (aged 68)
Lima - Perú
Genres Peruvian Music
Occupations interpreter
Instruments Cajón

Arturo Cavero Velásquez (Lima, Peru, 29 November 1940 - Lima, Peru, 9 October 2009), better known by the pseudonym "Zambo Cavero" [1] was a virtuoso Afro-Peruvian singer, representative of Afro-Peruvian identity.[2] He was son of Juan Cavero, of Huaral, and Digna Velásquez, of Cañete. His particular singing style captivated listeners, as his intensity had the feel of Peruvian creole taste. [3] Zambo Cavero specialised in performing traditional Peruvian waltz.[4] Some of his best performances are songs by Peruvian composer Augusto Polo Campos, other are renditions of traditional Peruvian creole music, which is Afro-Peruvian influenced. In June 3, 1987 Cavero, was honoured together with important Peruvian musicians like guitar player Óscar Avilés in Washington, D. C. by the Organization of American States.[5]

Arturo Cavero died from complications of sepsis in Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati, Lima on 9 October, 2009.[6] Peruvian President Alan Garcia declared one day of national mourning.[7]


El Comercio newspaper has published his discography [8]

  • Arturo 'Zambo' Cavero
  • Siempre juntos
  • Siempre
  • Son nuestros
  • Contigo Perú
  • Unicos
  • Perú al Mundial
  • Siguen festejando juntos
  • Mueve tu cucú (EP)
  • Seguimos valseando festejos
  • Que tal trio




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