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For the owlfly genus, see Ascalaphus (insect).

In Greek mythology, two people share the name Ascalaphus/Askalaphos (Greek: Ἀσκάλαφος).

  1. Son of Acheron and Orphne. He told the other gods that Persephone had eaten a pomegranate in Hades. He was punished by being changed into an owl.[1] He was on the crew of Jason's Argo in the quest for the Golden Fleece.
  2. Son of Ares and Astyoche, daughter of Actor, son of Azeus, son of Erginus. He was King of Orchomenus, and twin brother of Ialmenus. Ascalaphus died in the Trojan War as a result of a spear thrown by Deiphobus.[2]


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