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Ascraeus Mons
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems
Coordinates 11°18′N 104°30′W / 11.3°N 104.5°W / 11.3; -104.5Coordinates: 11°18′N 104°30′W / 11.3°N 104.5°W / 11.3; -104.5
Peak 18 km
Eponym Latin - Ascraeus Lacus - classical albedo feature name
topography of Ascraeus Mons and its neighbourhood

Ascraeus Mons is the northernmost of three volcanos (collectively known as Tharsis Montes) on the Tharsis bulge near the equator of the planet Mars. To its south is Pavonis Mons, and south of that is Arsia Mons. The highest volcano in the solar system, Olympus Mons, is to the northwest. The three Tharsis Montes, together with some smaller volcanoes to the north form a rather straight line. This arrangement suggests that they were formed by a crustal plate moving over a hot spot. Such an arrangement exists in the Earth's Pacific Ocean, especially with the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaiian Islands are in a straight line, with the youngest in the south and the oldest in the north. So geologists believe the plate is moving while a plume of hot magma rises, then punches through the crust to produce a volcanic mountain.

Ascraeus Mons is the second highest mountain on Mars. Its summit is about 18 km above Mars' mean surface level[1] and experiences an atmospheric pressure less than 0.8 mbar (80 Pa). It is 460 km in diameter[1], and was formed from relatively recent liquid lava flows.

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Coordinates: 11°18′N 104°30′W / 11.3°N 104.5°W / 11.3; -104.5



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Named in 1973 after the albedo feature Ascraeus Lacus.

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Ascraeus Mons

  1. (planetology) An extinct volcano on the planet Mars.


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