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Ashcroft Incorportated is a global manufacturer of pressure and temperature measurement instruments. Ashcroft Inc. is headquartered in Stratford, CT USA. The company is owned by Nagano Keiki Co., Ltd, a publicly traded manufacturing company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

The company's history traces back to 1852, when Edward Ashcroft purchased the American patent rights to the Bourdon tube gauge, which had only recently been invented in 1849 by Eugene Bourdon in France. The Ashcroft gauge played a significant role in the American Industrial Revolution as the use of Steam Power and pneumatics in industry and transportation grew rapidly. In fact, up until as late as the 1840s, glass-tube mercury manometers were quite commonly used to measure pressure.

"On account of its defects and disadvantages for ordinary pressure measurement, the tube of mercury gradually gave way to gauges of mechanical construction, more suitable for practical use."

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