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Ashot I
King of Armenia
Reign Armenia: Prince of Princes 862 - 884
King of Armenia 884 - 890
Full name Ashot I Bagratuni
Titles Prince of Princes
King of Armenia
Successor Smbat I the Martyr
Consort Katranide
Royal House Bagratuni Dynasty of Armenia
Dynasty Bagrotuniflagx.jpgBagratids
Father Smbat the Confessor

Ashot I Bagratuni (Աշոտ Մեծ) was an Armenian prince, with Ashot II, oversaw Armenia's second golden age (862–977). He was born to Smbat the Confessor.

His family, the Bagratunis, was one of the most powerful in the kingdom along with the Artsruni. Both families were struggling for power through warfare against Arab invaders. He was recognized by the Abbasid Caliph as Prince of Princes of Armenia in 862. His later crowning as King of Armenia was consented to by Abbasid Caliph al-Mu'tamid in 885, a move to prevent intrusion into the Armenian territory by Basil I Byzantine emperor, an Armenian. He was succeeded by his son, Smbat I. He reigned for five years until 890 and was married to Katranide.


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