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Hazrat Khawaja Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani (Urdu and Persian:سیداشرف جهانگیر سمنانی) (born 1308 and died 1405) was a Sufi Saint of both the Chishti and Qadiri Orders of Sufism.

He was born in the year 708 AH (1308 CE) in Semnan (Iran). His family originated from Semnan in Iran. He settled in Kicchocha Sharif, Ambedkar Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh, northern India, and expanded the Chishti and Qadiri Orders to a point that a branch of these orders was started after him; it is known as the Ashrafia branch of these orders.

Ashraf Jahangir Semnani was a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad's daughter Fatimah through her son Husayn ibn Ali and his great grandson Ja'far al-Sadiq. His father was Syed Ibrahim Noor Bakshi.

In 765 Hijri (1364 CE) he nominated his nephew Abd-ul-Razzaq Nur-ul-Ayn to be his successor.

He died on 28th Muharram 808 Hijri (July 26, 1405 CE), and his shrine is in Kicchocha Sharif.


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