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Asian fashion dolls are fashion dolls that are made by Asian manufacturers or primarily targeted to an Asian market. Some have received international attention, such as with Momoko Doll,[1] and in 2005 the first annual Dollstyle convention was held in Tokyo.[2]

Many of these dolls have Asian or anime style features. Clothing lines may include Asian themes and in some cases Asian names (such as "Momoko" or "Taeyang"[3]). Some Asian fashion dolls are dominated by Western dress, such as with Momoko Doll's lineup[4], Pullip's wardrobe[5], or the extensive Jenny fashions[6]. More traditional Asian dress is also represented, such as with kimono-centric Annz dolls.[7] A number of other dolls also dress in kimonos such as Jenny, Momoko, Pullip, etc.

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