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Walkway made of redwood planks along the beach
Plants that grow at Asilomar State Beach

Asilomar State Beach is located on the Monterey Peninsula in the city of Pacific Grove, California, USA. Asilomar (meaning "refuge by the sea" and pronounced a-SIL-o-mar) State Beach and Conference Grounds sits on 107 acres (433,000 m²) and offers overnight lodging and views of the forest, surf and sand.

Asilomar State Beach is a narrow one-mile (1.6 km) strip of sandy beach and rocky coves. A one mile trail, which runs through the dunes, is open to pedestrians. This trail is wheelchair-accessible, and beach wheelchairs are available at Asilomar State Beach.[1] Bicycling is allowed on the paved bike lane in proximity to the trail. Asilomar State Beach is part of the Asilomar Marine Reserve and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

The water in the vicinity of Asilomar State Beach is rather free of turbidity. When standing on the beach one can look through the cresting waves like a window to the rock reefs offshore and see kelp and fish. From above the color of the ocean is a light turquoise dropping to a deep blue offshore, much like the coloration seen in locations like The Bahamas. The water is also cold compared to other beaches in the Monterey area, due to its exposure to the open ocean and the upwelling of cold water from nearby Monterey Canyon, which funnels the icy water right to shore at this location. Despite the cold water the area is popular among snorkelers and SCUBA divers where they can be treated to magnificent rocky reefs filled with colorful sea life. Those not able to handle the cold water can stay on shore and still experience incredible sea life. The rocky coves are home to thousands of species, some of which are unique to the bay. As a sanctuary, it is illegal to disturb biota.

For surf conditions, generally decent from April through September. Winter months are unpredictable and unreliable. This area is prone to storm surf and bumpy rides. Highly recommended are fiberglass boards or epoxy boards for advance surfers. Entrance to the line up is usually best from the far right of the beach (adjacent to the staircase). The current will push you towards the middle unless there is gnarly storm surf happening. To the far left of the beach, in front of the Spanish Bay golf course, advance to expert surfers are recommended to be the only people out. Jagged rocks and big sets is a staple of this area.

Asilomar State Beach incorporates Asilomar Conference Grounds, designed by architect Julia Morgan which is a National Historic Landmark and on the Register of National Historic Places.[2]

The beach does not feature a bathroom facility. The nearest bathroom is in the Asilomar Conference grounds, at the main hall, the Phoebe Hearst Social Hall, just across the road from the center's entrance to the beach, a wood boardwalk across the dunes. Anyone may come onto the Asilomar property, and it is a restful, natural, wooded property to walk around.


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