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This article is about a Greek politician and a revolutionary leader, for the younger politician, see Asimakos Fotilas (younger)

Asimakis Fotilas
Ασημάκης Φωτήλας
Born 1761
Kalavryta, (now Greece) Flag of Greece
Died 1835
Kalavryta, Greece Flag of Greece
Nationality Flag of Greece Greek
Occupation Greek revolutionary leader

Asimakis Fotilas (Greek: Ασημάκης Φωτήλας) (1761–1835) was a Greek politician and a revolutionary leader.


He was born in Kalavryta and was a chief of Kalavryta which he councilled in the Greek War of Independence. Nearly two months before the start in January, 1831, he took part of the Vostitsa council. He was president of the parliament in 1822. He took part in the Georgios Kondouriotis government in 1824 where he resigned immediately and was a political opponent of Kondouriotis. in which he was prosecuted and plundered at his house. Later, Otto went to power and became a soldier.


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  • This article is translated and is based from the article at the Greek Wikipedia (el:Main Page)


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