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The Aspurgiani (Greek: Ἀσπουργιανοί or Ἀσπουγγιτανοί) were an ancient people, a tribe of the Maeotae dwelling along east side of the Cimmerian Bosporus along the Palus Maeotis in antiquity. They seem to be identical with the "Asturicani" of Ptolemy (v. 9. § 7).

The Aspurgiani inhabited the region called Sindica, between Phanagoria and Gorgippia, among the Maeotae, Sindi, Dandarii, Toreatae, Agri, Arrechi, Tarpetes, Obidiaceni, Sittaceni, and Dosci, among others. (Strab. xi. 2. 11). They were among the Maeotic tribes whom Polemon I, king of Pontus and the Bosporus, in the reign of Augustus, attempted to subdue; but they took him prisoner and put him to death. (Strab. xi. p. 495, xii. p. 556; Steph. B. s. v.; see Ritter's speculations on the name, in connection with the origin of the name of Asia, Vorhalle, pp. 296, foil.).



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