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Ass to mouth is a colloquial term for the removal of the penis from the passive partner's anus followed by the immediate insertion of the penis into the passive partner's or another partner's mouth.[1]


Alternate terminology

It is also known as A2M, ATM, ATG, Ass-to-Mouth or Arse-to-Gob (Scottish colloquial). Ass-to-mouth generally excludes cleaning the penis or other object after its removal from the anus and before its insertion into the mouth. This may enhance sexual excitement for both active and passive partners, often developing from connotations of domination/humiliation. Ass-to-Other-Mouth or Ass-to-Other-Girl-Mouth, abbreviated as A2OM, ATOM, A2OGM or ATOGM, specifically describes the variant of the act where the penis is moved from one partner's anus to a different partner's mouth. Another variation is known as A2P, ATP, or Ass-to-Pussy which refers to removing the penis from the anus and inserting it into the vagina. The term has been used since at least January 1995 and clearly defined since at least August 1996.[2] Despite its health risks, ass-to-mouth has become prevalent in pornographic films, depicting it as a pleasurable act. It is also the act of orally pleasuring a woman's anus, also known as a Texas Taco Bowl or the Indonesian Burrito.[3][4]

Health risks

The health risks of ass-to-mouth include the risks of both oral sex and anal-oral sex. Unprotected oral-genital contact involves the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, such as genital herpes or chlamydia and HIV. HIV can be transmitted due to the fact that rough anal sex, usually results in minuscule tearing of the rectal tissue, and small amounts of blood are left on the penis. When another partner sucks the penis, if they have a tiny sore, tear or cut in their mouth, they can get infected with HIV. The recipient of ass-to-mouth is also at risk of infection by Hepatitis A,[5] as well as intestinal parasites and other organisms that can be carried in feces, but the risk exists generally only if performing the act on a penis or object that was removed from a third person's rectum. For example, the third person would have to first be infected with Hepatitis A for there to be a risk of infection for the recipient.[6]

If the recipient of ass-to-mouth is performing fellatio on a penis or object that was removed from his/her own rectum, the health risks are generally limited to discombobulations of the gastrointestinal tract, which may proceed from introducing normal intestinal flora from the rectum to the mouth and upper digestive tract. If the recipient's ano-rectal area is infected with a sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, however, there is an added risk of transmitting the infection to that person's mouth and/or throat.[7]

Some of the diseases that can be passed in the practice of ass-to-mouth involving a third person's rectum are gastroenteritis and enterocolitis, which are acute infections of the stomach, small intestine and/or large intestine, by gut flora organisms such as E. coli, Campylobacter, Shigella, Salmonella, or Yersinia, causing fever, vomiting, and diarrhea lasting for several days. Most other sexually transmitted bacterial diseases, like syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, can be transmitted by anal-oral contact. Viral diseases including herpes, cytomegalovirus, and human papillomavirus (the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts, as well as oral or laryngeal papillomas and carcinomas) can also be transmitted by this route.

It is unknown whether thoroughly washing the anal area and applying an enema results in reduced risk of disease, although general cleanliness is advisable for any sexual act. Porn-industry performers often use enemas prior to filming anal sex sequences; however, this is primarily to eliminate the possibility of any fecal matter appearing on film, rather than disease prevention.[8]

Cultural references

In the film Clerks II the main characters have a discussion on ass to mouth early in the film, and it is alluded to throughout the film. The main character, Dante, repeatedly warns Randal, "You never go ass to mouth!"[9]

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