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In ice hockey, an assist is attributed to up to two players of the scoring team who shot, passed or deflected the puck towards the scoring teammate, or touched it in any other way which enabled the goal, meaning that they were "assisting" in the goal. There can be a maximum of two assists per goal. The assists will be awarded in the order of play, with the last player to pass the puck to the goal scorer getting the primary assist and the player who passed it to the primary assister getting the secondary assist. If a player scores off of a rebound given up by a goaltender, assists are still awarded, as long as there is no re-possession by that goaltender, meaning he or she did not have complete control of the puck.

If a player passes the puck to another player who then completes a give-and-go with a different player for a goal, the player who made the pass that set up the goal gets a primary assist, while the player who passed to the eventual goal scorer before the give-and-go took place gets the secondary assist.

If a team has possession and then loses possession to a player who then scores, there are no assists on the goal and therefore the goal is counted as "unassisted".

Players who gain an assist will get one point added to their player statistics. Players' assist totals and goal totals make up their point totals.

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