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About Assumption Academy

In 1857, four years before the Civil War began, the mission church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was organized. The entire area was wooded and small farm houses were the only buildings in existence. Mass was celebrated in the home ofJames Morrow. In 1863 a lot and small house was purchased for $500 and the house was remodeled into the first church of the mission. This was located at the corner of the present Royalton Road and Ridge Road in what is now North Royalton. A year later a parcel of land on Broadview Road and Royalton Road was purchased. It had a large frame building on it, which was remodeled into a church. This building served as the church for the next forty-one years, until 1905. As the population of the area grew, the present property on Broadview Road was purchased in 1929. In 1930 a stone-trimmed brick church, seating 325 persons, was built. This served the people for the next 40 years. In 1938 the parish had grown to 100 families.

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The Ursuline Sisters from Cleveland taught CCD classes in the church building on weekends and in 1957 an eleven-classroom school was built. The Sisters of the Incarnate Word from Parma Heights was invited to staff it. Sr. Agnes (formerly Bernadette) Kane, S.I.W. was the first principal who headed the staff of 5 sisters and four lay teachers. They staffed eight grades in eight of the ten classrooms. Approximately 375 pupils were enrolled in the first year. There was a steady increase in enrollment for ten years, the peak being 532 in 1966. At this time, eleven classrooms were utilized, one being the large space on the lower floor. For the next four years the number of pupils decreased gradually. In 1971, the year tuition was initiated in Catholic schools, there was a loss of 90 pupils.

Three parishes, St. Albert the Great in 1959, St. Basil in 1960, and St. Victor in 1964, were created from the territory of Assumption Parish within six years of the opening of Assumption School. However, the number of parishioners in Assumption continued to grow and is still growing, but with more transients because of apartment buildings.

A library was established the same year the school opened. From a minimum of fiction and reference books, the holdings of the library increased year by year to include books and audio-visual materials in all subjects. This was all funded by the school.

Provisions are made for the instruction of Catholic students not attending Assumption School in the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes.

Standards & Curriculum at Assumption

State of Ohio and Diocesan Mandates and graded course of studies

Daily religion lessons taught by teachers, priests, and Sr. Rosemarie

Weekly masses and paraliturgies
Mission and service activities

Departmental education

Enrichment program

School newspaper

Art Teacher

Band (grades 4-8)

Spanish teacher for grades 3 – 8 (January – May)

Curricular contests and competitions (Power of the Pen, Spelling Bees, Math Competitions).

Field Trips

Assemblies: Blue Angels, Mad Science and Christmas Carol.

Development of accelerated reading program


9183 Broadview Rd
Broadview Heights, OH 44147-2514, USA

Staff At Assumption Academy

Mrs Donna Sejba (Principal)

Mrs. Beth Bendokaitis (Teacher-Remedial)

Miss Jeanne Boros (Teacher-Language Arts)

Mrs. Barbara Deimling (Teacher-Gr. 2)

Sr. Martha Eckstein (Teacher-Gr.2)

Mrs. Maureen Hamzik (Teacher's Assistant)

Miss Laura Hatters (Teacher-Gr.1)

Mrs. Deborah Jenks (Teacher's Assistant)

Mrs. Jeanette Kraig (Teacher-Gr.1)

Mrs. Jennifer Kundrik (Teacher-Gr.3)

Mrs. Deborah Cichra (Mobile Unit Clerk)

Mr. Gus Coneglio (Psychologist)

Miss Karen Dicarlo (Band Instructor)

Mrs. Joyce Dobies (Teacher's Assistant)

Mrs. Anne lllig (Speech Pathologist)

Mrs. Jane Luke (Librarian)

Mr. Chris Zgrabek (Math)

Mr. Bob Rezler(Teacher-Social Studies)

Mr. Mike Purnell(Teacher-Science)

Miss Heder (Teacher-[Reading (activity)|reading]])

Sources Broadview Road &city=Broadview Heights&state=OH



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