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Classification and external resources
ICD-10 R27.8
ICD-9 781.3
DiseasesDB 33950
MeSH D020820

Asterixis (also called the flapping tremor, or liver flap) is a tremor of the wrist when the wrist is extended (dorsiflexion), sometimes said to resemble a bird flapping its wings.

The term derives from the Greek a, "not" and stērixis, "fixed position".


Associated conditions and presentation

Usually there are brief, arrhythmic interruptions of sustained voluntary muscle contraction causing brief lapses of posture, with a frequency of 3-5 Hz. It is bilateral, but may be asymmetric.


R.D. Adams and J.M. Foley first described asterixis in 1949 in patients with severe liver failure and encephalopathy.[1]


  1. ^ Adams RD, Foley JM. The neurological changes in the more common types of severe liver disease. Trans American Neurology Association 1949; 74: 217-219.

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