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Asteya is a Sanskrit word meaning "avoidance of stealing" or "non-stealing". In Jainism, it is one of the five vows that all sravakas and shravikas as well as sadhus and sadhvis must take.

The concept of "Asteya" is also a principal part of Hinduism, forming one of the core principles that all human beings should try to abide by. Traditionally it is one among the 10 Yamas and in Yogasutra it is one among the 5 Yamas or disciplines. The concept is frequently confused as being an equivalent of the Biblical commandment "Thou shall not steal" although in principle it means more than that. Asteya refers to not stealing, not coveting, nor hoarding, as well as not obstructing other people's desires in life. Swami Jyotirmanda of Miami's Yoga Ashram frequently states that "all the wealth of the world will be drawn to one who has mastered the practice and discipline of Asteya." This is analogous to the Christian (Biblical) saying, "The meek shall inherit the world."


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