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Asuristan (Assyria) was a province of the Sassanid Empire (226651 AD). The territory was taken during the fall of the Parthian Empire. The Sassanians also added Babylon to Asuristan.[1][2] The region was previously known as Mesopotamia and is nowadays known as Iraq.[3] The province for the most part streched from Mosul to Adiabene.[4] While the official religion of the Sassanid empire was Zoroastrianism the religion of the Assyrians was from the 1st and 2nd centuries onwards Church of the East Christianity, although some also still worshipped the old Assyrian-Babylonian gods. Assyrians were the indiginous inhabitants, and outnumbered the Persians in the Asuristan province. The main language spoken was Aramaic, or Assyrian Aramaic.[5] Its inhabitants were mostly working in agriculture or as traders and merchants.[6] The city of Ctesiphon served as the capital of both the Parthian and Sassanid empires.

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