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Asylum may refer to:

  • Right of asylum or political asylum
  • Insane asylum or psychiatric hospital, a hospital specializing in the treatment of persons with mental illness- such as insanity
  • Orphan asylum or orphanage, an institution dedicated to caring for orphans
  • Benevolent Asylum, 19th-century Australian institution for housing the destitute

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ASYLUM (from Gr. a-, privative, and 06Aj, right of seizure), a place of refuge. In ancient Greece, an asylum was an "inviolable" refuge for persons fleeing from pursuit and in search of protection. In a general sense, all Greek temples and altars were inviolable, that is, it was a religious crime to remove by force any person or thing once under the protection of a deity. But it was only in the case of a small number of temples that this protecting right of a deity was recognized with common consent. Such were the sanctuaries of Zeus Lycaeus in Arcadia, of Poseidon in the island of Calauria, and of Apollo at Delos; they were, however, numerous in Asia Minor. They guaranteed absolute security to the suppliant within their limits. The right of sanctuary, originally possessed by all temples, appears to have become limited to a few in consequence of abuses of it. Asylums in this sense were peculiar to the Greeks. The asylum of Romulus (Livy i. 8), which was probably the altar of Veiovis, cannot be considered as such. Under Roman dominion, the rights of existing Greek sanctuaries were at first confirmed, but their number was considerably reduced by Tiberius. Under the Empire, the statues of the emperors and the eagles of the legions were made refuges against acts of violence. Generally speaking, the classes of persons who claimed the rights of asylum were slaves who had been maltreated by their masters, soldiers defeated and pursued by the enemy, and criminals who feared a trial or who had escaped before sentence was passed. (See treatises De Asylis Graecis, by Forster, 1847; Jaenisch, 1868; Barth, 1888.) With the establishment of Christianity, the custom of asylum or sanctuary became attached to the church or churchyard. In modern times the word asylum has come to mean an institution providing shelter or refuge for any class of afflicted or destitute persons, such as the blind, deaf and dumb, &c., but more particularly the insane. (See INSANITY.)

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Simple English

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Asylum may refer:

  • Psychiatric hospital, once known as an insane asylum or mental asylum, is a hospital specializing in the treatment of persons with mental illness
  • Destitute Asylum, an institution built in the 1850s in Adelaide, Australia for isolating cases of extreme poverty
  • Orphan asylum, an institution dedicated to caring for orphans
  • Political asylum, also known as Right of asylum
  • Asylum seeker, also known as Refugee

In music:

  • Asylum 45, a concept album by the Dutch band Non-Divine
  • Asylum Records, an American record label geared primarily in hip-hop music
  • Asylum (album), by the American hard rock band Kiss
  • Asylum (Legendary Pink Dots album)
  • Soul Asylum, a band formed in 1983, best known for their single "Runaway Train"
  • Asylum, a band from Croatia formed in 2007.
  • Asylum (song), a single by The Orb from their 1997 album Oblivion

In entertainment:

In fiction:

  • Asylum (film) of the Patrick McGrath novel, made in 2005
  • Asylum (television), 1996 UK comedy series
  • Asylum (comic), a comic series
  • Asylum (1972 film), a 1972 horror film with Peter Cushing
  • Asylum (2007 film), a 2007 horror film from director David R. Ellis
  • Asylum (Doctor Who), a Doctor Who novel
  • Asylum (Supernatural), an Episode of TV series starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles

In non-fiction:

  • Asylums, a nonfiction book by Erving Goffman.

In gaming

  • Asylum (1991 video game), an overhead shoot 'em up arcade game released by Leland in 1991
  • Asylum (1986 video game), released for the Commodore 64 in 1986
  • The last of the Shackled City Dungeons & Dragons adventures
  • ShadowMan (1999 video game) - Asylum, a big black tower what Legion have built.
  • The predecessor to the 1986 Commodore 64 game was a version which utilized ASCII graphics for the original IBM PC in 1982

In radio

  • The Asylum (radio show), aired in the 1980s on WMBR


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