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Athletics may refer to:

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  1. (baseball) The team The Oakland Athletics, previously Kansas City Athletics and Philadelphia Athletics.
  2. (US, sports) Nickname for many athletic teams whose full name includes "Athletics".

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Athletics may mean:

  • Athletics (track and field), a sport, comprising a group of athletic events or disciplines, each of which involves either running, walking, throwing or jumping
    • UK Athletics, the governing body for the sport of athletics in the United Kingdom
    • Little Athletics, an Australian sporting event comprising a subset of athletic events, specially modified to suit the abilities of children
    • Athletics Weekly, a UK athletics magazine
  • Sport in general
    • College athletics, sports and games organized and sanctioned by institutions of tertiary education
  • Combat athletics, an assortment of training and fighting techniques
  • Wigan Athletic F.C., a football team in England
  • Oakland Athletics, Major League Baseball team based in Oakland, California; see also, Philadelphia Athletics (disambiguation)
    • Arizona League Athletics, a farm team of the Oakland Athletics since 1988

Other pages

  • Athletic Director, a position at many American universities and schools
  • Athletic supporter (disambiguation)
  • Athlete (disambiguation)
  • Sports club, an eclectic institution oriented to multiple sports

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