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At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, 37 events were contested in athletics. There were a total number of 1006 participating athletes from 80 countries.


Medal summary

Men's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Hasely Crawford
Trinidad and Tobago (TRI)
10.06 Flag of Jamaica.svg Don Quarrie
Jamaica (JAM)
10.08 Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Valeri Borzov
Soviet Union (URS)
200 metres Flag of Jamaica.svg Don Quarrie
Jamaica (JAM)
20.23 Flag of the United States.svg Millard Hampton
United States (USA)
20.29 Flag of the United States.svg Dwayne Evans
United States (USA)
400 metres Flag of Cuba.svg Alberto Juantorena
Cuba (CUB)
44.26 Flag of the United States.svg Frederick Newhouse
United States (USA)
44.40 Flag of the United States.svg Herman Frazier
United States (USA)
800 metres Flag of Cuba.svg Alberto Juantorena
Cuba (CUB)
1:43.50 WR Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Ivo van Damme
Belgium (BEL)
1:43.86 Flag of the United States.svg Rick Wohlhuter
United States (USA)
1.500 metres Flag of New Zealand.svg John Walker
New Zealand (NZL)
3:39.17 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Ivo van Damme
Belgium (BEL)
3:39.27 Flag of Germany.svg Paul-Heinz Wellmann
West Germany (FRG)
5.000 metres
Flag of Finland.svg Lasse Virén
Finland (FIN)
13:24.76 Flag of New Zealand.svg Dick Quax
New Zealand (NZL)
13:25.16 Flag of Germany.svg Klaus-Peter Hildenbrand
West Germany (FRG)
10.000 metres
Flag of Finland.svg Lasse Virén
Finland (FIN)
27:40.38 Flag of Portugal.svg Carlos Lopes
Portugal (POR)
27:45:17 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Brendan Foster
Great Britain (GBR)
110 metre hurdles Flag of France.svg Guy Drut
France (FRA)
13.28 Flag of Cuba.svg Alejandro Casañas
Cuba (CUB)
13.33 Flag of the United States.svg Willie Davenport
United States (USA)
400 metre hurdles Flag of the United States.svg Edwin Moses
United States (USA)
47.64 WR Flag of the United States.svg Michael Shine
United States (USA)
48.69 Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Yevgeny Gavrilenko
Soviet Union (URS)
3000 metre
Flag of Sweden.svg Anders Gärderud
Sweden (SWE)
8:08.02 WR Flag of Poland.svg Bronislaw Malinowski
Poland (POL)
8:09.11 Flag of East Germany.svg Frank Baumgartl
East Germany (GDR)
4×100 metre relay  United States (USA)
Harvey Glance
John Wesley Jones
Millard Hampton
Steven Riddick
38.33  East Germany (GDR)
Manfred Kokot
Jörg Pfeifer
Klaus-Dieter Kurrat
Alexander Thieme
38.66  Soviet Union (URS)
Alexander Aksinin
Nikolai Kolesnikov
Juris Silovs
Valeri Borzov
4×400 metre relay  United States (USA)
Herman Frazier
Benjamin Brown
Frederick Newhouse
Maxie Parks
2:58.65  Poland (POL)
Ryszard Podlas
Jan Werner
Zbigniew Jaremski
Jerzy Pietrzyk
3:01.43  West Germany (FRG)
Franz-Peter Hofmeister
Lothar Krieg
Harald Schmid
Bernd Herrmann
Marathon Flag of East Germany.svg Waldemar Cierpinski
East Germany (GDR)
2:09:55.0 Flag of the United States.svg Frank Shorter
United States (USA)
2:10:45.8 Flag of Belgium (civil).svg Karel Lismont
Belgium (BEL)
20 km walk Flag of Mexico.svg Daniel Bautista
Mexico (MEX)
1:24:40.6 Flag of East Germany.svg Hans-Georg Reimann
East Germany (GDR)
1:25:13.6 Flag of East Germany.svg Peter Frenkel
East Germany (GDR)
High jump Flag of Poland.svg Jacek Wszoła
Poland (POL)
2.25 m Flag of Canada.svg Greg Joy
Canada (CAN)
2.23 m Flag of the United States.svg Dwight Stones
United States (USA)
2.21 m
Long jump Flag of the United States.svg Arnie Robinson
United States (USA)
8.35 m Flag of the United States.svg Randy Williams
United States (USA)
8.11 m Flag of East Germany.svg Frank Wartenberg
East Germany (GDR)
8.02 m
Triple jump Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Viktor Saneyev
Soviet Union (URS)
17.29 m Flag of the United States.svg James Butts
United States (USA)
17.18 m Flag of Brazil (1968-1992).svg João Carlos de Oliveira
Brazil (BRA)
16.90 m
Pole vault Flag of Poland.svg Tadeusz Ślusarski
Poland (POL)
5.50 m Flag of Finland.svg Antti Kalliomäki
Finland (FIN)
5.50 m Flag of the United States.svg David Roberts
United States (USA)
5.50 m
Shot put Flag of East Germany.svg Udo Beyer
East Germany (GDR)
21.05 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Yevgeny Mironov
Soviet Union (URS)
21.03 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Aleksandr Baryshnikov
Soviet Union (URS)
21.00 m
Discus throw Flag of the United States.svg Mac Wilkins
United States (USA)
67.50 m Flag of East Germany.svg Wolfgang Schmidt
East Germany (GDR)
66.22 m Flag of the United States.svg John Powell
United States (USA)
65.70 m
Javelin throw Flag of Hungary.svg Miklós Németh
Hungary (HUN)
94.58 WR Flag of Finland.svg Hannu Siitonen
Finland (FIN)
87.92 Flag of Romania (1965-1989).svg Gheorghe Megelea
Romania (ROU)
87.16 m
Hammer throw Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Yuriy Sedykh
Soviet Union (URS)
77.52 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Aleksei Spiridonov
Soviet Union (URS)
76.08 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Anatoly Bondarchuk
Soviet Union (URS)
75.48 m
Decathlon Flag of the United States.svg Bruce Jenner
United States (USA)
8618 WR Flag of Germany.svg Guido Kratschmer
West Germany (FRG)
8411 Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Nikolai Avilov
Soviet Union (URS)

Women's events

Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Flag of Germany.svg Annegret Richter
West Germany (FRG)
11.08 Flag of East Germany.svg Renate Stecher
East Germany (GDR)
11.13 Flag of Germany.svg Inge Helten
West Germany (FRG)
200 metres Flag of East Germany.svg Bärbel Eckert
East Germany (GDR)
22.37 OR Flag of Germany.svg Annegret Richter
West Germany (FRG)
22.39 Flag of East Germany.svg Renate Stecher
East Germany (GDR)
400 metres Flag of Poland.svg Irena Szewińska
Poland (POL)
49.28 WR Flag of East Germany.svg Christina Brehmer
East Germany (GDR)
50.51 Flag of East Germany.svg Ellen Streidt
East Germany (GDR)
800 metres Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Tatyana Kazankina
Soviet Union (URS)
1:54.94 OR Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg Nikolina Shtereva
Bulgaria (BUL)
1:55.42 Flag of East Germany.svg Elfi Zinn
East Germany (GDR)
1500 metres Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Tatyana Kazankina
Soviet Union (URS)
4:05.48 Flag of East Germany.svg Gunhild Hoffmeister
East Germany (GDR)
4:06.02 Flag of East Germany.svg Ulrike Klapezynski
East Germany (GDR)
100 metre hurdles Flag of East Germany.svg Johanna Schaller
East Germany (GDR)
12.77 Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Tatiana Anisimova
Soviet Union (URS)
12.78 Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Natalya Lebedeva
Soviet Union (URS)
4×100 metre relay  East Germany (GDR)
Marlies Oelsner
Renate Stecher
Carla Bodendorf
Bärbel Eckert
42.55 OR  West Germany (FRG)
Elvira Possekel
Inge Helten
Annegret Richter
Annegret Kroniger
42.59  Soviet Union (URS)
Tetyana Prorochenko
Liudmila Zharkova-Maslakova
Nadezhda Besfamilnaya
Vera Anisimova
4×400 metre relay  East Germany (GDR)
Doris Maletzki
Brigitte Rohde
Ellen Streidt
Christina Brehmer
3:19.23 WR  United States (USA)
Debra Sapenter
Sheila Ingram
Pamela Jiles
Rosalyn Bryant
3:22.81  Soviet Union (URS)
Inta Klimoviča
Lyudmila Aksenova
Natalya Sokolova
Nadezhda Ilyina
High jump Flag of East Germany.svg Rosemarie Ackermann
East Germany (GDR)
1.93 m OR Flag of Italy.svg Sara Simeoni
Italy (ITA)
1.91 m Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg Yordanka Blagoeva
Bulgaria (BUL)
1.91 m
Long jump Flag of East Germany.svg Angela Voigt
East Germany (GDR)
6.72 m Flag of the United States.svg Kathy McMillan
United States (USA)
6.66 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Lidiya Alfeyeva
Soviet Union (URS)
6.60 m
Shot put Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg Ivanka Hristova
Bulgaria (BUL)
21.16 m Flag of the Soviet Union 1955.svg Nadezhda Chizhova
Soviet Union (URS)
20.96 m Flag of Czechoslovakia.svg Helena Fibingerová
Czechoslovakia (TCH)
20.67 m
Discus throw Flag of East Germany.svg Evelin Schlaak
East Germany (GDR)
69.00 m Flag of Bulgaria (1971-1990).svg Maria Vergova
Bulgaria (BUL)
67.30 m Flag of East Germany.svg Gabriele Hinzmann
East Germany (GDR)
66.84 m
Javelin throw Flag of East Germany.svg Ruth Fuchs
East Germany (GDR)
65.94 m Flag of Germany.svg Marion Becker
West Germany (FRG)
64.70 m Flag of the United States.svg Kate Schmidt
United States (USA)
63.96 m
Pentathlon Flag of East Germany.svg Siegrun Siegl
East Germany (GDR)
4745 Flag of East Germany.svg Christine Laser
East Germany (GDR)
4745 Flag of East Germany.svg Burglinde Pollak
East Germany (GDR)

Medal table

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  East Germany (GDR) 11 7 9 27
2  United States (USA) 6 8 8 22
3  Soviet Union (URS) 4 4 10 18
4  Poland (POL) 3 2 0 5
5  Finland (FIN) 2 2 0 4
6  Cuba (CUB) 2 1 0 3
7  West Germany (FRG) 1 4 4 9
8  Bulgaria (BUL) 1 2 1 4
9  Jamaica (JAM) 1 1 0 2
 New Zealand (NZL) 1 1 0 2
11  France (FRA) 1 0 0 1
 Hungary (HUN) 1 0 0 1
 Sweden (SWE) 1 0 0 1
 Mexico (MEX) 1 0 0 1
 Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) 1 0 0 1
16  Belgium (BEL) 0 2 1 3
17  Canada (CAN) 0 1 0 1
 Italy (ITA) 0 1 0 1
 Portugal (POR) 0 1 0 1
20  Brazil (BRA) 0 0 1 1
 Czechoslovakia (TCH) 0 0 1 1
 Great Britain (GBR) 0 0 1 1
 Romania (ROU) 0 0 1 1



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