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Athletics at the
2004 Summer Olympics
Athletics pictogram.svg
Track events
100 m   men   women
200 m men women
400 m men women
800 m men women
1500 m men women
5000 m men women
10,000 m men women
100 m hurdles women
110 m hurdles men
400 m hurdles men women
3000 m
4×100 m relay men women
4×400 m relay men women
Road events
Marathon men women
20 km walk men women
50 km walk men
Field events
Long jump men women
Triple jump men women
High jump men women
Pole vault men women
Shot put men women
Discus throw men women
Javelin throw men women
Hammer throw men women
Combined events
Heptathlon women
Decathlon men

The Men's Long Jump event at the 2004 Summer Olympics as part of the athletics program was held at the Athens Olympic Stadium on August 24 and August 26.



Gold  Dwight Phillips
United States (USA)
Silver  John Moffitt
United States (USA)
Bronze  Joan Lino Martinez
Spain (ESP)


Qualification Round
Group A Group B
24.08.2004 – 19:45h 24.08.2004 – 19:45h
Final Round
26.08.2004 – 20:02h


Standing records prior to the 2004 Summer Olympics
World Record  Mike Powell (USA) 8.95 m August 30, 1991 Japan Tokyo, Japan
Olympic Record  Bob Beamon (USA) 8.90 m October 18, 1968 Mexico Mexico City, Mexico


Rank Athlete Mark 1 2 3 4 5 6 Notes
Gold medal icon.svg  Dwight Phillips (USA) 8.59 8.59 8.35 x x x x
Silver medal icon.svg  John Moffitt (USA) 8.47 8.10 8.28 7.85 8.19 8.47 8.24 PB
Bronze medal icon.svg  Joan Lino Martinez (ESP) 8.32 7.79 8.32 8.02 8.06 8.06 x PB
4  James Beckford (JAM) 8.31 8.15 8.15 8.31 8.12 x x =SB
5  Christopher Tomlinson (GBR) 8.25 8.25 8.04 8.11 8.09 8.05 7.92
6  Ignisious Gaisah (GHA) 8.24 8.01 8.06 8.24 8.12 8.09 x
7  Iván Pedroso (CUB) 8.23 8.19 8.09 8.23 SB
8  Bogdan Tarus (ROM) 8.21 8.21 8.08 8.16
9  Vitaliy Shkurlatov (RUS) 8.04 7.88 8.04 x
10  Jonathan Chimier (MRI) 8.03 8.03 7.79 6.78
11  Yago Lamela (ESP) 7.98 7.98 x x
12  Salim Sdiri (FRA) 7.94 7.94 x x


August 24


Heat 1

  1. Flag of the United States.svg Dwight Phillips, United States 8.31m Q
  2. Flag of the United States.svg John Moffitt, United States 8.17m Q
  3. Flag of Spain.svg Joan Lino Martinez, Spain 8.10m Q
  4. Flag of Romania.svg Bogdan Tarus, Romania 8.08m q
  5. Flag of Cuba.svg Ivan Pedroso, Cuba 8.05m q
  6. Flag of Ghana.svg Ignisious Gaisah, Ghana 8.05m q
  7. Flag of France.svg Kafetien Gomis, France 7.99m
  8. Flag of Russia.svg Kiril Sosunov, Russia 7.94m
  9. Flag of Bulgaria.svg Nikolay Atanasov, Bulgaria 7.90m
  10. Flag of Ukraine.svg Volodymyr Zyuskov, Ukraine 7.88m
  11. Flag of Italy.svg Nicola Trentin, Italy 7.86m
  12. Flag of Botswana.svg Gable Garenamotse, Botswana 7.78m
  13. Flag of Croatia.svg Sinisa Ergotic, Croatia 7.77m
  14. Flag of Senegal.svg Ndiss Kaba Badji, Senegal 7.74m
  15. Flag of Japan.svg Shinichi Terano, Japan 7.70m
  16. Flag of Morocco.svg Yahya Berrabah, Morocco 7.62m
  17. Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Can Zhou, China 7.47m
  18. Flag of Greece.svg Dimitrios Filindras, Greece 7.45m
  19. Flag of Hungary.svg Tamas Margl, Hungary 7.38m
  20. Flag of Slovenia.svg Gregor Cankar, Slovenia 7.32m

Flag of Greece.svg Dimitrios Serelis, Greece NM

Heat 2

  1. Flag of Mauritius.svg Jonathan Chimier, Mauritius 8.28m Q NR
  2. Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Christopher Tomlinson, Great Britain 8.23m Q SB
  3. Flag of Jamaica.svg James Beckford, Jamaica 8.20m Q
  4. Flag of Russia.svg Vitaliy Shkurlatov, Russia 8.09m q
  5. Flag of France.svg Salim Sdiri, France 8.08m q
  6. Flag of Spain.svg Yago Lamela, Spain 8.06m q =SB
  7. Flag of Bulgaria.svg Petar Dachev, Bulgaria 8.05m
  8. Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006.svg Victor Castillo, Venezuela 7.98m
  9. Flag of the Cayman Islands.svg Kareem Streete-Thompson, Cayman Islands 7.85m
  10. Flag of the Bahamas.svg Osbourne Moxey, Bahamas 7.81m
  11. Flag of Greece.svg Louis Tsatoumas, Greece 7.81m
  12. Flag of the United States.svg Walter Davis, United States 7.80m
  13. Flag of Morocco.svg Tarik Bougtaib, Morocco 7.79m
  14. Flag of France.svg Yann Domenech, France 7.73m
  15. Flag of Germany.svg Nils Winter, Germany 7.51m
  16. Flag of Brazil.svg Jadel Gregorio, Brazil 7.50m
  17. Flag of Portugal.svg Gaspar Araujo, Portugal 7.49m
  18. Flag of Panama.svg Irving Saladino, Panama 7.42m
  19. Flag of Qatar.svg Abdulrahman Faraj Al Nubi, Qatar 7.41m

Flag of Ukraine.svg Oleksiy Lukashevych, Ukraine DNS



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