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Attack of the Sabretooth

DVD cover
Approx. run time 92 minutes
Distributed by Sci Fi Pictures
Written by Phil Botana
Tom Woosley
Directed by George T. Miller
Produced by Tom Parkinson
Phil Botana
Tom Woosley
Lance Thompson
Starring Robert Carradine
Nicholas Bell
Brian Wimmer
Stacy Haiduk
Rawiri Paratene
Editing by Cindy Clarkson
Music by Tim Jones
Cinematography Mark Melville
Budget $2,800,000
Country United States
Language English
Original channel Sci-Fi Channel
Release date July 14, 2005

Attack of the Sabretooth is a 2005 Sci Fi original movie, directed by George T. Miller, and starring Robert Carradine, Nicholas Bell, Brian Wimmer, and Stacy Haiduk. It was filmed on location in Fiji.

Niles, a multimillionaire, creates a new resort and theme park on an island in Fiji that features genetically-engineered sabretooth cats. He brings a huge group of investors, and a group of student tourists to the island to show off his creation, only to have a power failure result in the cats getting loose. The students and the park personnel try to avoid the blood thirsty cats as they munch their way through every human in sight.


On a remote island, a Primal Park guard taking a break heads into a locked fenced area chasing a piece of paper. Suddenly a sabretooth cat appears and rips off his arm, then tears him apart and kills him.

Niles sends Alan off to perform an inspection, while he waits for his ex-brother in law Grant to arrive. Grant arrives with Autumn, teasing Niles about his failed investments and his failed three month marriage to Grant's sister. Niles takes them up to the hotel the where other potential investors are waiting. In the security center, they get a code orange on Gate 4. Since it has malfunctioned eight times in the last week due to improper electrical wiring, Savannah and Sundip ignore it, but Alan insists on going to check it.

Five students fly to the island (Kirk, Alaina, Robbie, Alys, and Collette) to complete a scavenger hunt as their initiation into the Phi Beta fraternity and sister sorority. Niles greets the five students and takes them up to the hotel to get checked in. Back in Section 3, Savannah, who went to stop Brian from welding because it was setting off smoke alarms, greets him wearing nothing but her underwear and a pair of handcuffs which leads to the two having sexual intercourse.

Alan arrives at the malfunctioning gate and discovers that it really is a code orange (open gate). He calls Sundip to tell him, then goes in further and finds the dead guard. Suddenly one of the sabretooths jumps out of the bushes and kills him. Sundip radios Savannah to let her know about the breach. Robbie and Kirk arrive at a shopping center complex to look for their items and break into the building by taking off the door. The girls watch from nearby, then follow them in. Savannah arrives at the lab area and learns that the cats have not returned to their pens for feeding.

Niles does his presentation to the investors about Primal Park: a five-star resort, amusement park, and zoo. Afterwords, Niles goes around and individually meets the investor then invites them to eat and write checks. Savannah goes to tell Niles that the cats are missing and recommends shutting down the park. Niles refuses, not wanting to ruin the party. He orders her to get the cats back in their cages somehow and keep them away from the guests.

Kirk and Robbie continue searching for their items in the shopping center building. They set off an alarm while trying to get into one room, forcing them to hide. The girls meet up with them, then Robbie and Alys go off to try and disable the alarms. Robbie and Alys make their way to the security center where they hijack the computer system to turn off the cameras which also turns off the electrical fencing and opens the gates to the enclosures where the sabretooths are held. Sundip arrives at the Section 4, finds the remains of the dead guard and Alan and tries to call Savannah. The system shut down not only opens the gates and turns off electrical power to the entire park but also prevents the radios from getting signals. He decides to hunt for the male sabretooth and he fires at the corpse of a wild pig by accident, thinking it was the cat, the sabretooth then jumps from behind and kills Sundip with a bite to the neck.

Back in the shopping center, the group splits up to find their objects, with Robbie and Alys together, Collette and Alaina forming another group, and Kirk left on his own. Savannah and Brian discover the power is out and that the cats have free run of the island. Brian meets up with Sachariah in the park area, where Sachariah lets him know he was able to get the cats back in their pens. While they are walking around, Sachariah warns Brian that three men have been in relationships with Savannah and have died in horrible ways.

Robbie and Alys find the cotton candy machine bowl he needs for the scavenger hunt while searching outside the shopping center. Back inside, Savannah and Brian discover they can not get the system back up. Niles shows Grant a video showing the over view of the hotel, amusement park, and zoo then leads the investors off to the shopping area. Kirk gets into a souvenir shop where he finds the shell he needs. Collette and Alaina go into the same shop after he leaves and finds the ceremonial spear Alaina needs. They girls and Robbie meet up at the front of the building, but get split up again when they run from the approaching party goers.

Brian goes to check the main switch board, almost running into Robbie and Alaina. The pair ends up in one of the labs where they find an incubator and sabretooth fetuses in jars. Alaina gets disgusted and leaves, going back out into the hall. the male sabretooth appears and despite Alaina's attempt to stay still, the sabretooth pounces onto her and in a particularly graphic scene, rips her head off. Robbie hears her screaming and runs to help, arriving in time to have the cat throw her head at him and spray him with blood. Robbie runs back to the lab and hides in the incubator.

Kirk runs into a drunk girl named Sharona, from the investor party. Sachariah tells Savannah that the cats are lose due to the power failure opening the doors. She plans to kill the cats, despite Sachariah's objections. Brian finds Alys and Collette, but they manage to get away from him. They run into Alaina's bloody trail and find her head. Brian catches up to them and learns there are two more kids to find.

Grant plans to leave, but Autumn says she's feeling ill so Niles takes them to his office to rest. Back at his office, Niles reveals to Grant what the zoo will feature, a mated pair of nearly 800 lbs sabretooth cats. Then Niles reveals that he won't let Grant have any investment in the park. Grant says he doesn't believe he really has the cats, then waits for Niles to leave so Autumn can crack the safe and steal Nile's research patents and data.

Brian and the girls arrive at the lab and find Robbie. Savannah is finally able to reach Brian on the radio, but the transmissions are too garbled for them to understand each other. He tries to lead the students to safety, but they run into the female sabretooth who begins to growl at them. Brian hides the students in a nearby room , before he uses himself as bait to lure the female sabretooth into the lab, he secures the door and he then opens some flammable gas containers before exiting out the lab by another door, he throws a lighter into the room, resulting in an explosion that kills the sabretooth. Brian lets the students know there is another, larger male out there, and continues leading them through the compound.

Kirk and Sharona go back to the store where he found the shell to make out. The male sabretooth appears and kills Sharona. Kirk gets away and runs off. Brian and the kids run into Sachariah, who lets them know that they actually bred three cats, not two. The third one, which Niles had kept secret, is a 1 ton animal that can only move around by dragging itself around on its front legs. He also explains that all three cats are bulimic, so they can't keep down much food and have to kill and eat constantly.

Savannah goes back to the party again and tells Niles about the dead girl and that she thinks the cat is headed for area 15. Niles blows off the kid's death as something he can pay off and Savannah stalks off in anger. Back in the compound, Robbie lets Sachariah know that he's the one who put the virus into the system and says he can restore the system if they can get back to the control center. Meanwhile, Brian goes to talk to Niles and lets him know one cat is dead and asks where Savannah is. Niles orders him to find the cats and keep them safe, but Brian refuses and tells him its over.

Kirk is killed by the male sabretooth, whose has climbed up onto the ceiling pipes. Brian hears him scream, but is too late. The cat throws the head down at him and Brian manages to shoot it before it runs off. Sachariah gets the kids to the security center, where they search for the back up disks while Sachariah watches at the door as the cat closes in on them. While Robbie restores the backup, Sachariah goes out into the hall. The lights come on just in time for the male cat to kill Sachariah.

Savannah comes back to the investors party armed, and announces that everyone needs to go back to the hotel because some dangerous animals are lose. Grant and Autumn, lost in the park, walk past one of the cats. It knocks Grant's head off, but Autumn doesn't notice and keeps walking. Brian finds a blood trail from the male cat in the shopping complex and follows it. Savannah, coming in from the front entrance, finds the deformed cat. She starts to shoot it, but Niles jumps on her and starts to strangle her. Then he notices that the deformed cat is coming at them, and runs, barely making it out of a locked door. The huge cat bangs against the door, knocking loose a tooth from the model cat over the door which falls down and spears Niles through the head.

Savannah shoots the deformed cat just as Brian arrives. He lets her know he shot the other cat and that it probably crawled off to die. They get the students and leave, while the male cat kills Autumn.


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