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A ceremonial Attic helmet from Southern Italy, ca. 300 BC

The Attic helmet was a type of helmet that was originated in Classical Greece and was widely used in Italy and the Hellenistic world until well into the Roman Empire.[1]

It was similar to the Chalcidian helmet but lacked a nose-guard. Although in Greece itself its use was not as widespread as the Corinthian or Phrygian types, the Attic helmet became very popular in Italy, where most examples have been found. As an artistic motif, it long outlasted its contemporaries, being used to impart an archaic look in the depictions of generals, emperors and Praetorians (example) throughout the Hellenistic and Roman periods. As such, they have become part of the popular image of a Roman officer, as found in art from the Renaissance onwards or in earlier Hollywood productions, but it is very unlikely that they were actually used.

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  1. ^ "Terms such as Illyrian and attic are used in archeology for convenience to denote a particular type of helmet and do not imply its origin"(See page 60 ,Peter Connoly, Greece & Rome at War,ISBN 185367303X)


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