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The Attorney General of Maryland is the chief legal officer of the State of Maryland in the United States and is elected by the people every four years with no term limits. To run for the office a person must be a citizen of and qualified voter in Maryland and must have resided and practiced law in the state for at least ten years.

The Attorney General has general charge, supervision and direction of the legal business of the State. He or she is the legal advisor and representative of the Governor, the General Assembly, the Judiciary, and the major departments, various boards, commissions, officials and institutions of State Government. The Office further represents the State in all cases pending in the Appellate Courts of the State, and in the United States Supreme Court and lower Federal Courts.

As of 2007, the attorney general is Doug Gansler.

Chronological list of Attorneys General of Maryland

Name From To Party
James Tilghman 1777 1778
Luther Martin 1778 1805
William Pinkney 1805 1806 Democratic-Republican
John Thomson Mason 1806 1806
John Johnson 1806 1811
John Montgomery 1811 1818 Democratic-Republican
Luther Martin 1818 1822
Thomas Beale Dorsey 1822 1824
Thomas Kell 1824 1827
Roger B. Taney 1827 1831 Federalist
Josiah Bayly 1831 1846 Federalist
George R. Richardson 1846 1851
Robert J. Brent 1851 1851 Whig
Alexander Randall 1864 1867 Whig
Isaac Dashiell Jones 1867 1871 Whig
Andrew K. Syester 1871 1875 Whig
Charles J. M. Gwinn 1875 1883 Democrat
Charles Boyle Roberts 1883 1887 Democrat
William Pinkney Whyte 1887 1891 Democrat
John Prentiss Poe 1891 1895 Democrat
Harry M. Clabaugh 1895 1899 Republican
George Riggs Gaither, Jr. 1899 1899 Republican
Isidor Rayner 1899 1903 Democrat
William Shepard Bryan, Jr. 1903 1907 Democrat
Isaac Lobe Straus 1907 1911 Democrat
Edgar Allan Poe 1911 1915 Democrat
Albert C. Ritchie 1915 1919 Democrat
Ogle Marbury (acting) 1918 1919 Democrat
Alexander Armstrong 1919 1923 Republican
Thomas H. Robinson 1923 1930 Democrat
William Preston Lane, Jr. 1930 1934 Democrat
Herbert R. O'Conor 1934 1938 Democrat
William C. Walsh 1938 1945 Democrat
William Curran 1945 1946 Democrat
Hall Hammond 1946 1952 Democrat
Edward D. E. Rollins 1952 1954 Republican
C. Ferdinand Sybert 1954 1961 Democrat
Thomas B. Finan 1961 1966 Democrat
Robert C. Murphy 1966 1966 Democrat
Francis B. Burch 1966 1978 Democrat
Jon F. Oster 1979 1979
George A. Nilson 1979 1979
Stephen H. Sachs 1979 1987 Democrat
J. Joseph Curran, Jr. 1987 2007 Democrat
Doug Gansler 2007 Democrat


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