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Audio Imagery
Also known as A.I., A.I. Inc.
Origin State College, Pennsylvania, United States
Genres Hip-Hop, Rap, Contemporary R&B, dance-pop, pop, Rock
Years active 2003–present
Labels Indie
George "Cos" Webster
Javan Mason
Ian Callanan
Vince Paglione
Michael Keller
Andy Mackey

Audio Imagery, also known as A.I., is an unsigned hip-hop group from Pennsylvania. The group consists of three emcees: Digress , George "Cos" Webster, and EP. Each brings his own regional influence to the group: Philadelphia, Virginia, and Jamaica, respectively.

In early 2003 the group of three formed and quickly adapted the name Audio Imagery. The group sets themselves apart from other hip-hop groups and bands by involving a large amount of instrumentation into their recordings and live show. Audio Imagery currently consists of eight members: The three emcees previously mentioned, Javan “Q-Keys” Mason on keys, Andy "Tangible" Mackey on turntables, Ian Callanan on bass guitar and Michael Keller on drums. As stated on, "[Audio Imagery's] most impressive attribute is the fact that they do everything themselves. From writing to mixing, from production to recording, these guys do it all."[1]

First breaking into the college scene in early 2004, A.I. has performed with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Rusted Root, Ill Nino, Oleander, Sponge, The X-Ecutioners, Freeway, Bowling for Soup, Black Thought, Zion I, Rupee, Ness, Clipse, and Blackalicious. [2]

In 2007, Audio Imagery participated in a major music competition put on by Epic Records: Music Nation. Out of thousands of artists the group made it to the quarterfinals in the hip-hop category.[3].

Additionally, Audio Imagery has been a regular finalist in multiple categories on OurStage in the Summer of 2008: R&B/Soul in June 2007, Jazz in June 2007, Hard Rock in June 2007, R&B/Soul in July 2007, and Experimental August 2007. Audio Imagery has also been a part of OurStage's "Winner's Circle Showcase" which was held at the Paradise Lounge in Boston, Mass, had a feature spot on their URB/OurStage Microsite and has been interviewed by the OurStage staff.[4] OurStage allows artists to upload their music and video to compete against one another in a democratic voting process.[5]

Most Impressively, in October 2007, Audio Imagery was invited to the first round of the Bodog Battle of the Bands.[6] The Bodog Battle allows bands from across the globe to battle for the chance to not only be on the reality TV show portion of the competition, but to also fight for a 1 million dollar contract. After the group took one of six winning spots in the round,[7] the group went on to take first place in the second competition held December 10, 2007. Bodog is quoted as saying, "Audio Imagery took the first place spot of the night. This group bought the house down. The rappers had a killer backing band and their DJ was cutting it up like a Ginsu knife. The crowd went B-A-N-A-N-A-S!"[8] On January 26, 2008, Audio Imagery again took the first place spot in three round (Semi-Finals) of the Bodog Battle.[9] They moved on to the finals which were held in New York City on March 5, 2008 at the famous Fillmore East in Manhattan, NY. A win in New York would have secured their spot on the televised portion of the competition, however they went home taking second place.


Music career


Electric Ladyland

Audio Imagery's Fourth full length album "Electric Ladyland" is set to be released digitally by the end of April, 2009. The date of the CD's availability is set for April 7, 2009. There are 13 tracks on this 40-minute album and Audio Imagery states the reason for the album name being the same as Jimi Hendrix's album from 1968 is that, "Mr. Hendrix was at the pinnacle of his career when he created the ground breaking album that many consider one the most influential rock albums to date... Audio Imagery is at their peak... Audio Imagery's Electric Ladyland is the future of Hip-Hop/Pop"[10] Audio Imagery is self-important most of the album, however Don Debiase of Studio D Productions co-produced three of the tracks.
Coinciding with the release of the album, Audio Imagery released a remix to Kanye West's "Say you Will" Lil Wayne's Prom Queen, Lady Gaga's song "Poker Face" and has released a rock version of Lady Gaga's song "Love Game". These songs have been released digitally.


Hush (2007)

Audio Imagery's third full length album Tush was released in April 2007. There are twenty tracks on this 73-minute album with special guest performances from Blac & Tann, Phantasm, Everything Ends, & Mattie Leon. The album is distributed digitally and otherwise though many online outlets. These sites include iTunes and CD Baby.

[11] [12]

Associated with Hush's release, released a remix an unreleased Michael Jackson song, "No Friend of Mine (Gangsta)." Additionally, Audio Imagery has had the opportunity to be featured on J-Lo's "Do It Well" Remix.


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