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Audiovox Corporation
Type Public (NASDAQVOXX)
Founded 1965
Founder(s) John J. Shalam
Headquarters 150 Marcus Blvd. Hauppauge NY
Key people John J. Shalam, Chairman
Patrick M. Lavelle, President, CEO
Charles M. Stoehr, CFO
Products Consumer electronics
Mobile electronics
Revenue $591.36 million USD (Fiscal Year Ended 02/29/08)
Net income $8.47 million USD (Fiscal Year Ended 02/29/08)
Employees 920

Audiovox Corporation (NASDAQVOXX), established in 1965, Audiovox continues to operate and expand under its chairman and founder John J. Shalam. Audiovox Corporation operates as an international distributor and value-added service provider in the accessory, mobile and consumer electronics industries. The Company conducts its business through seven wholly owned subsidiaries: American Radio Corp., Audiovox Accessories Corp. (AAC), Audiovox Consumer Electronics, Inc., Audiovox Electronics Corporation (AEC), Audiovox German Holdings GmbH (Audiovox Germany), Audiovox Venezuela, C.A. and Code Systems, Inc. (Code).


Company Brands

Audiovox Corporation markets its products under the Audiovox brand name and other brand names, including:

Audiovox Scion xB Show Car‎
  • Heco
  • Incaar
  • Jensen Electronics
  • Mac Audio
  • Magnat
  • Movies2Go
  • Oehlbach
  • Phase Linear
  • Prestige
  • Pursuit
  • Rampage
  • RCA Audio/Video
  • RCA Accessories
  • Recoton
  • Road Gear
  • Surface
  • Spikemaster
  • Terk

Audiovox also distributes private labels through a domestic and international distribution network. The Company also functions as an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) supplier to several customers and has only one segment, the Electronics group, which is organized by product category.

History: 1965-2002

1965 Audiovox is founded by John J. Shalam.

1975 Audiovox reaches its first $100 million in sales.

1981 Audiovox enters the vehicle security market.

Audiovox Kia CES 2005

1984 Audiovox Enters Cellular Market with its first mobile unit and forms Strategic supply alliance with Toshiba Corp.

1987 Audiovox IPO. is listed as VOX on the American Stock Exchange.

1988 Audiovox ships first portable cellular telephone.

1991 The Company splits into two Marketing Groups: wireless and electronics; ACC introduces Minivox.

1994 Audiovox issues subordinated debentures.

1995 Audiovox Communications Corp. is formed as wholly-owned subsidiary.

1996 ACC sells 1 million handsets. 1996 Audiovox enters consumer electronics marketplace with first line of home and portable stereos. 1996 Audiovox licenses 'Audiovox' brand for first time. 1996 Audiovox converts subordinated debentures.

1997 Audiovox Electronics begins selling aftermarket mobile video systems.

1998 ACC ships first CDMA digital handset. 1998 Audiovox Electronics introduces FRS (Family Radio Service) 2-Way Radios.

1999 Audiovox reaches $1 Billion in sales with 88% increase over 1998. 1999 ACC sales increase 110%; Audiovox Electronics sales increase 31%. 1999 ACC ranked number 3 overall and number 2 in CDMA in wireless market. 1999 Toshiba makes 5% equity investment in ACC. 1999 ACC Ships its first TDMA handset. 1999 ACC Introduces GSM phones for international use. 1999 Electronics Division introduces first Web Related product. 1999 Audiovox FRS radios gain 20% market share. 1999 Audiovox announces follow on stock offering.

2000 Audiovox moves trading to Nasdaq under 'VOXX'. 2000 Audiovox announces OEM contract with Nissan North America for 2000 model year. 2000 Audiovox forms Audiovox Electronics Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary for the marketing of consumer and mobile electronics. 2000 Audiovox added to Russell 2000. 2000 Audiovox earns OEM contract to supply mobile video for FORD 2001 models. 2000 Audiovox introduces its first MP3 Player. 2000 Audiovox completes follow on stock offering and increases public float by 2 million shares.

2001 Audiovox announces first GMRS/GPS two way radio. 2001 Audiovox reaches leadership position in mobile video market. 2001 Audiovox portable DVD players gain number 3 market share. 2001 Audiovox ranked number 1 in CDMA handsets.

2002 Audiovox acquires assets of Code-Alarm Inc. Vehicle security company. 2002 Audiovox launches Pocket PC with Microsoft format. 2002 Toshiba increases investment in ACC to 25%. 2002 Audiovox enters satellite radio market with products in both XM and Sirius formats. 2002 Audiovox launches into PDA market with Verizon. 2002 Audiovox adds Sprint to marketing partners on the PDA products. 2002 Audiovox debuts first color screen phone. 2002 Audiovox partners with Buena Vista on Disney promotion.


In 2001 Audiovox Electronics Corporation, (a wholly owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corporation) purchased the assets of Code Alarm and a new subsidiary, Code Systems Inc. was formed. The strong financial backing of Audiovox will allow the Code Alarm brand to continue in the tradition of excellence, which has been its hallmark. The brand name Code-Alarm has been synonymous with vehicle security since 1979, when it helped launch a new industry as the original manufacturer of remote control electronic vehicle systems.

In December 2007, the Company completed the acquisition of certain assets and liabilities of Thomson’s United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Hong Kong consumer electronics audio/video business. On November 1, 2007, AAC completed the acquisition of Technuity, Inc., engaged in the battery and power products industry and the exclusive licensee of the Energizer brand in North America for rechargeable batteries and battery packs for camcorders, cordless phones, digital cameras, digital versatile disc (DVD) players and other power supply devices. On August 14, 2007, Audiovox Germany completed the acquisition of certain assets of Incaar Limited, a United Kingdom business that specializes in rear seat electronics systems. On March 1, 2007, Audiovox Germany acquired Oehlbach Kabel GmbH, involved in the accessories business. On January 29, 2007, it completed the acquisition of Thomson’s Americas consumer electronics accessory business, as well as rights to the RCA, Recoton, Spikemaster, Ambico and Discwasher brands for consumer electronics accessories.

Electronics products

Audiovox Painting

Known for low cost electronics, Audiovox products include mobile multi-media video products, including in-dash, overhead, headrest and portable mobile video systems; autosound products, including radios, speakers, amplifiers and compact disc (CD) changers; satellite radios, including plug and play models and direct connect models; automotive security and remote start systems; automotive power accessories; car to car portable navigation systems; rear observation and collision avoidance systems; liquid crystal display (LCD) flat panel televisions; home and portable stereos; two-way radios; digital multi-media products such as personal video recorders and moving picture experts group layer-3 audio (MP3) products; camcorders; clock-radios; digital voice recorders; home speaker systems; portable DVD players, and digital picture frames.

Accessories products

Accessories products include high-definition television (HDTV) Antennas; wireless fidelity (WiFi) antennas; high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) accessories; home electronic accessories, such as cabling; other connectivity products; power cords; performance enhancing electronics; television universal remotes; flat panel television mounting systems; iPod specialized products; wireless headphones; rechargeable battery backups (UPS) for camcorders, cordless phones and portable video (DVD) batteries and accessories, and power supply systems.


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