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Augment or augmentation may refer to:

  • Augment (linguistics), a syllable added to the beginning of the word in certain Indo-European languages
  • Augmentation (heraldry), heraldic modifications
  • Augmentation (music), the musical technique of lengthening or widening of rhythm or interval
  • Augmentation (obstetrics), the process by which the first &/or second stages of an already established labour is accelerated or potentiated by deliberate and artificial means.
  • Augmentation (psychiatry), the combination of two or more drugs to achieve better treatment results
  • Augmentation ideal, in mathematics, an ideal in a group ring
  • Synaptic augmentation, a form of short term synaptic plasticity
  • NLS (computer system), a hypertext system derived from Douglas Engelbart's oNLine System, renamed "Augment" by Tymshare
  • Nanotechnological augmentations, a feature in the computer game Deus Ex and its spiritual successor Project: Snowblind (renamed "biomods" in its sequel, Deus Ex: Invisible War)

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AUGMENTATION, or enlargement, a term in heraldry for an addition to a coat of arms; in music, for the imitation in longer notes of an original theme; in biology, an addition to the normal number of parts; in Scots law, an increase of a minister's stipend by an action called "Process of Augmentation." The "Court of Augmentation" in Henry VIII.'s time was established to try cases affecting the suppression of monasteries, and was dissolved in Mary's reign.

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