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Augsburger Panther
Founded Augsburger EV (1878 – 1994)
Augsburger Panther (since 1994)
City Augsburg
Stadium Curt Frenzel Stadion
Capacity 7,774
Colors Red, green, white
League Deutsche Eishockey Liga
Owner Lothar Sigl
Manager Max Fedra

The Augsburger Panther are a professional ice hockey team in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. The team is based in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. They play their home games at the Curt Frenzel Stadion.


Current roster

As of 5 August 2009 (2009 -08-05). [1]

# Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
44 Germany Dennis Endras L 2008 Immenstadt, Germany
1 Germany Leonhard Wild L 2008 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
30 Germany Andreas Tanzer L 2008 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
# Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
43 Canada Christian Chartier L 2007 Russell, Canada
27 Canada Jamie Hunt L 2008 Calgary, Canada
13 Germany Steffen Tölzer L 2003 Zittau, Germany
6 Germany Thomas Gödtel R 2008 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
9 United States Jeff Likens R 2008 Barrington, USA
20 Germany Patrick Seifert L 2008 Augsburg, Germany
# Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
18 Germany Michael Kreitl C L 2007 Schongau, Germany
5 Germany Christian Wichert W L 2007 München, Germany
77 Germany Uli Maurer W L 2008 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
22 Germany Thomas Jörg W L 2008 Immenstadt, Germany
10 Canada Rhett Gordon W R 2007 Regina, SK, Canada
14 Germany Steve Junker W L 2008 Castlegar, Canada
19 United States Mark Murphy W L 2006 Duxbury, USA
23 Canada Matt Ryan C R 2008 Sharon, Canada
25 Germany Martin Schymainski W L 2008 Duisburg, Germany
46 Norway Mathis Olimb W L 2007 Oslo, Norway
8 United States Brett Engelhardt W R 2008 Sheboygan, USA
-- Canada Colin Murphy LW L 2009 Fort McMurray, Canada
87 Germany Patrick Buzas C L 2005 Augsburg, Germany
-- Canada Connor James C/RW R 2009 Calgary, Canada

Coaches: Larry Mitchell, Duanne Moeser, Joseph Heiss

Season records

Season Rank Playoffs
DEL 2008/09
DEL 2007/08 12 No playoffs
DEL 2006/07 13 No playoffs
DEL 2005/06 12 No playoffs
DEL 2004/05 7 Lost the first round
DEL 2003/04 9 No playoffs
DEL 2002/03 11 No playoffs
DEL 2001/02 8 Lost the first round
DEL 2000/01 14 No playoffs
DEL 1999/00 8 Lost the first round
DEL 1998/99 8 Lost the first round
DEL 1997/98 14 No playoffs
DEL 1996/97 13 No playoffs
DEL 1995/96 12 Lost the quarter-final
DEL 1994/95 13 Lost the first round

Famous players

  1. Xaver Unsinn - 8x Bundesliga champion and former head coach of the German National Hockey Team.
  2. Udo Kießling - 6x Bundesliga champion and member of the IIHF-Hockey Hall of Fame.
  3. Ernst Höfner - 3x Bundesliga champion and currently assistant head coach of the German National Hockey Team.
  4. Duanne Moeser - Played 15 years in Augsburg. Since 2005/2006 he has been working in the club management. He's the club's alltime scoring leader.
  5. Paul Ambros - 11x Bundesliga champion.
  6. Glenn Anderson - Won 5 Stanley Cups. Represented Canada at the 1980 Olympics, as well as twice at the World Championships and Canada Cup.

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