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Australian Bulldog

The Australian Bulldog, originally known as the Aussie Bulldog, is a developing dog breed from Australia. Selective breeding was begun in the 1990s by breeders who wished to create a dog with the look of a Bulldog without that breed's inherent health problems. There were two independent breeding programs, one by Noel and Tina Green (the JAG line) and a separate program by Pip Nobes (the Nobes Australian Bulldog/ Wingara lines). Each has their own separate registries. The only incorporated and constituted body for the breed is the Australian Bulldog Society or A.B.S, founded by Pip Nobes. The A.B.S will only register Australian Bulldog over Australian Bulldog litters, they are currently conducting its first 5 year census, working toward the A.B.S Australian Bulldogs being recognised by the ANKC as a breed. The United Aussie Bulldog Association U.A.B.A(formed in 2003) is run by Noel and Tina Green, this registry is still actively registering British Bulldog over Aussie Bulldog litters.

Appearance: The Australian Bulldog is a thickset medium sized breed. Males standing from 40–45 cm and weighing 28–35 kg, females stand at 40–48 cm weighing 25–35 kg. The skull is large but in proportion to their body. The muzzle is broad and wide, short, but not to the extent that it interferes with breathing. The snout should have one to two wrinkles and bite can be slightly overshot or level. Eyes are lowset and wide apart, and can be any colour. Ears should be small to medium sized, and can be rosebud or buttoned. Necklength thick and deep, slightly longer than the British bulldog so that its breathing is unencombered. The back is short and straight, forelegs set wide apart, but still under the body and straight. The hindquarters are muscular and feet round and compact. The tail is high set and thick at the base. A long short crank or screw tail are acceptable. The coat is short and smooth. Colours range from brindle, white pied, red or fawn.

Personality: The Australian Bulldog has solely been bred and used as a loyal, calm companion. Whilst they love activity they are just as happy to relax with their owner. They are an extremely loyal dog with a friendly disposition and is not considered a guarding breed. The Australian Bulldog is not aggressive, but is known to react to a dog that displays aggression toward it.

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