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Austrian (plural Austrians)

  1. A person from Austria or of Austrian descent.




  1. Of, from, or pertaining to Austria, or its people.




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While the official language of Austria is Standard German (Hochdeutsch), most Austrians speak a certain dialect that is often referenced as "Austrian" and which is also used in state television and radio programs. Austria has numerous different dialects, mostly associated with certain regions ("Wienerisch", "Kärtnerisch", "Tirolerisch"). These dialects differ to the extent that many Austrians cannot understand speakers of other dialects. Besides German and its derivatives, some people speak "minority languages", for example, Slovenian (especially in Carinthia), Croatian and Hungarian (especially in Burgenland).


The differences - die Unterschiede - der Unterschied

Austrian is a dialect of German. But there are many differences between Austrian and German.

respectable solide frank
flat tyre Reifenpanne Patschn
helmet Helm Blechhaubn
I am ich bin i bin
you are du bist du bist
he is er ist er is
we are wir sind mia san
you are ihr seid ihr sads
they are sie sind dei san
I go to school. Ich gehe in die Schule. I geh int Schui.
We play chess. Wir spielen Schach. Mia schpün Schach. (schpü ma Schach.)

Substanives - Hauptwörter - Hauptwerta

Singular - Plural

English S. English Pl. German S. German Pl. Austrian S. Austrian Pl.
the peach the peaches der Pfirsich die Pfirsiche da Pfirsich die Pfirsich
the dog the dogs der Hund die Hunde da Hund die Hund
the cat the cats die Katze die Katzen di Kotz die Kotzn
the candle the candles die Kerze die Kerzen di Kerzn die Kerzn
the face the faces das Gesicht die Gesichter des Gsicht die Gsichta
the book the books das Buch die Bücher des Buach die Biacha

The cases - die Fälle - dei Fälle

First case - erster Fall - ertsa Foi

  • m: der Sessel - da Sessl (the chair)
  • f: die Bluse - die Blusn (the blouse)
  • n: das Halstuch - des Hoistuach (the neckerchief)

Second case - zweiter Fall - zweita Foi

  • m: des Sessels - vom Sessl (3rd case!!!) ... there is no second case in the Austrian language
  • f: der Bluse - von da Blusn (3rd case)
  • n: des Halstuches - vom Hoistuach (3rd case)

Third case - dritter Fall - dritta Foi

  • m: (von) dem Sessel - (von) dem (vom) Sessl
  • f: (von) der Bluse - (von) da Blusn
  • n: (von) dem Halstuch - (von) dem (vom) Hoistuach

Forth case - vierter Fall - viata Foi

  • m: den Sessel - den Sessl
  • f: die Bluse - dei Blusn
  • n: das Halstuch - des Hoistuach


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