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The Austrian Cup 2008–09 (German: ÖFB-Cup, also Stiegl-Cup for sponsoring purposes) was the seventy-fifth season of Austria's nationwide football cup competition. It started on July 18, 2008 with the first game of the Preliminary Round. The final was held at the Pappelstadion, Mattersburg on 16 May 2009.

The competition was won by Austria Vienna after beating Trenkwalder Admira 3–1 after extra time. It was the 27th Austrian Cup title for the team from Vienna, who also qualified for the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League 2009–10 in the process.


Preliminary round

The Preliminary Round involved 58 amateur clubs from all regional federations, divided into smaller groups according to the Austrian federal states. Twenty-nine games were played between July 18 and August 3, 2008, with the winners advancing to the First Round.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
SC Spittal/Drau 4–0 SC Gmund
SV Wienerberger 2–1 SC Ostbahn 11
SC/ESV Parndorf 4–2 SV Stegersbach
TSV Hartberg 0–0 (aet, p. 4–5) Post SV Fußball
SC Zwettl 3–1 (aet) SV Leobendorf
SV Langenrohr 0–2 FC Waidhofen/Ybbs
WAC St. Andrä 1–1 (aet, p. 4–5) Slovenski AK Klagenfurt
ASK Voitsberg 0–1 SC Weiz
SC Kalsdorf 1–5 Grazer AK
ASK Baumgarten 2–3 (aet) SV Oberwart
Vienna 1–1 (aet, p. 4–5) Wiener SK
SV Grieskirchen 1–4 FC Blau Weiss Linz
Trenkwalder Admira Reserves 4–0 SV Haitzendorf
SV Feldkirchen 1–2 FC Kärnten
FC V. P. Sturm 19 St. Pölten 0–10 SKU Amstetten
SR-Fach Donaufeld 0–2 FAC Team für Wien
SV Würmla 3–2 ASV Vösendorf
UFC Fehring 1–0 USV Allerheiligen
Union St. Florian 1–0 LASK Linz Reserves
FC Wels 2–1 (aet) ASKÖ Linz
Sturm Graz Reserves 1–4 SV Bad Aussee
FC Puch 1–6 SV Seekirchen
USK Leube Anif 3–4 (aet) TSV St. Johann
SPG Union Innsbruck 5–4 SPG Axams Götzens
FC Kufstein 0–0 (aet, p. 1–4) SC Schwaz
FC Dornbirn 0–0 (aet, p. 6–5) SV Hall
Blau Weiss Feldkirch 0–0 (aet, p. 7–8) FC Hard
FC Pasching 6–1 SV Sierning
ASK Horitschon 2–0 SV Neudörfl

First round

In this round entered, together with the winners from the previous round, all twenty-two clubs from the Bundesliga and the First League, as well as the nine regional cup winners. The draw for this round was conducted on August 4, 2008.[1] The games were played on August 14 – 17, 2008.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
TSV Pöllau 1–3 Trenkwalder Admira
1. SC Sollenau 0–1 FC Magna Wiener Neustadt
SV Oberwart 0–3 DSV Leoben
SV Hallein 04 0–7 Red Bull Juniors Salzburg
WSG Wattens 2–2 (aet, p. 6–8) Austria Wien Reserves
FC Pasching 1–4 FC Red Bull Salzburg
Slovenski AK Klagenfurt 1–3 1. FC Vöcklabruck
FC Kärnten 0–5 SK Rapid Wien
Grazer AK 1–2 SC Rheindorf Altach
UFC Fehring 1–4 FC Lustenau 07
FC Dornbirn 0–2 SK Sturm Graz
SPG Union Innsbruck 2–4 (aet) SKN St. Pölten
SC Hard 1–2 SK Austria Kärnten
FAC Team für Wien 1–4 SV Ried
SV Spittal/Drau 3–0 FC Gratkorn
DSV St. Johann 0–3 Kapfenberger SV
SV Bad Aussee 1–5 FK Austria Wien
FC Wels 1–1 (aet, p. 5–4) SC Austria Lustenau
FC Blau Weiss Linz 0–1 SV Mattersburg
SC/ESV Parndorf 1–0 (aet) FC Wacker Innsbruck
SV Seekirchen 1–3 SV Grödig
SC Bregenz 1–3 LASK Linz
SK Unterpetersdorf 1–2 Trenkwalder Admira Reserves
SV Wienerberger 4–1 SC Zwettl
Post SV Fußball 1–2 SC Weiz
SV Würmla 3–1 (aet) SV Lendorf
FC Waidhofen/Ybbs 0–2 Wiener SK
SC Unterfrauenhaid 1–0 SKU Amstetten
SC Schwaz 1–4 SPG Neuhofen Ried
SK Rapid Wien Reserves 3–0 Union St. Florian

Second round

The draw of the Second Round was conducted on August 19, 2008.[2] The games were played on September 12 and 13, 2008.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
SV Würmla 2–1 Red Bull Juniors Salzburg
SC Unterfrauenhaid 1–2 FC Lustenau 07
Wiener SK 0–4 SV Mattersburg
SC Weiz 1–4 Austria Wien Reserves
SPG Neuhofen Ried 0–5 SK Sturm Graz
FC Wels 0–0 (aet, p. 5–3) LASK Linz
Trenkwalder Admira Reserves 0–3 FK Austria Wien
SV Wienerberger 4–3 SKN St. Pölten
SK Rapid Wien Reserves 2–1 SC Rheindorf Altach
SC/ESV Parndorf 1–1 (aet, p. 5–6) FC Magna Wiener Neustadt
Trenkwalder Admira 1–0 SV Grödig
SK Austria Kärnten 1–1 (aet, p. 3–5) SV Ried
FC Red Bull Salzburg 4–2 1. FC Vöcklabruck
DSV Leoben 1–4 (aet) SK Rapid Wien
SV Spittal/Drau 0–3 Kapfenberger SV

Third round

The winners of last year's competition, SV Horn, entered in this round. The draw for this round was conducted on September 14, 2008. The games were played on October 28 and 29, 2008.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
FC Lustenau 07 1–5 FK Austria Wien
FC Red Bull Salzburg 1–2 Austria Wien Reserves
SV Ried 3–2 SK Rapid Wien
SV Horn 0–1 SK Sturm Graz
SK Rapid Wien Reserves 5–1 SV Mattersburg
FC Wels 0–3 Kapfenberger SV
SV Wienerberger 0–1 FC Magna Wiener Neustadt
SV Würmla 0–1 Trenkwalder Admira


The draw for this round was conducted on November 9, 2008.

3 March 2009
18:00 CET
Kapfenberger SV 1 – 2 FC Magna Wiener Neustadt Franz-Fekete-Stadion, Kapfenberg
Zimmerman Goal 46' Kurtisi Goal 17'
Aigner Goal 66'

3 March 2009
19:00 CET
Trenkwalder Admira 2 – 2 (a.e.t.) SV Ried Bundesstadion Südstadt, Maria Enzersdorf
Schicker Goal 90'
Hanickel Goal 101'
Berger Goal 85'
Salihi Goal 117'
4 – 3  

3 March 2009
19:30 CET
SK Rapid Wien Reserves 1 – 1 (a.e.t.) Austria Wien Reserves Gerhard Hanappi Stadium, Vienna
Fröschl Goal 39' Sulimani Goal 83'
1 – 4  

3 March 2009
20:30 CET
SK Sturm Graz 1 – 1 (a.e.t.) FK Austria Wien UPC-Arena, Graz
Hassler Goal 108' Sun Xiang Goal 114'
3 – 5  


The draw for this round was conducted on 8 March 2009.

21 April 2009
19:00 CEST
Austria Vienna Reserves 1 – 3 Trenkwalder Admira Franz Horr Stadium, Vienna
Attendance: 2,536
Referee: Hofmann
Korsós Goal 63' (pen.) Report
Friesenbichler Goal 11' Goal 82' (pen.)
Pusić Goal 75'

22 April 2009
18:15 CEST
FC Magna Wiener Neustadt 0 – 1 Austria Vienna Stadion Wiener Neustadt, Wiener Neustadt
Attendance: 6,800
Referee: Einwaller
Okotie Goal 47'


24 May 2009
Trenkwalder Admira 1 – 3 a.e.t. Austria Vienna Pappelstadion, Mattersburg
Attendance: 10.200
Referee: Thomas Gangl
Laschet Goal 72' Okotie Goal 60'
Aćimović Goal 94', Goal 100'

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