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Austrian car number plates are license plates found on Austrian cars.



Example of a license plate in Austria
License plate on a Porsche in Austria - W stands for Wien (Vienna).

The license plates are made of metal. On the left there is a blue bar like in other EU countries; the text is in black letters on a white background. Two plates have to be present on each car- one on the front and one on the rear.

Lettering system

The alphanumeric format for registration plates is "XX-(provincial emblem)-number-letter(s)" or "XX-(provincial emblem)-personalised lettering-number";

  • XX - one or two letters denoting the administrative district where the registered keeper resides. Provincial capitals have one letter, all other districts have two letters.
  • province - heraldic emblem of the Federal province the district belongs to; diplomatic vehicles have a dash instead (–)
  • the numbers/letters are issued in ascending order

there are several lettering schemes:

  • Until the year 2000 the plates were issued by the district administrations, who used a variety of lettering schemes, e.g. one digit and three letters (e.g. FK 1 ABC in the Feldkirch district), two digits and two letters (e.g. WL 12 AB in the Wels district).
  • Since 2000 the vehicle registration have been carried out by car insurance companies on behalf of the government. The branch offices of these companies issue the plates, which show three digits and two letters (eg XX 123 AB) in each district.
  • Cars in Vienna spot up to 5 digit numbers + 1 letter (eg W 12345 A) or 4 digit numbers + 2 letters (eg W 1234 AB)
    • There are standardized abbreviations for special types of cars:
      • RD - Rettungsdienst (ambulance vehicles)
      • BE - Bestattung (funeral services)
      • TX - Taxi (taxis)
      • LO - Linienomnibus (public service buses)
      • GT - Gütertransport (vehicles transporting goods)
  • Army, diplomats, police etc. just have a number (starting with 1, incrementing)

Personalised plates

In Austria it is possible to obtain a customized registration plate against payment of 173 Euros; The alphanumeric format is "xx-province- customized lettering-one digit number", which makes them easily distinguishable from standard plates (e.g. G TOMMY 1)

Geographic prefixes (exhausive list)

  • Other
    • WD - Diplomatic corps in Vienna
    • GK - Consular officials in Styria
    • BB - Bundesbahn (Federal Railways)
    • BD - Kraftfahrlinien Bundesbus (Bus Service)
    • BG - Gendarmerie (local police) - obsolete since 2005 when Gendarmerie and Police merged, but still valid on Gendarmerie/police cars registrated before 2005
    • BP - Bundespolizei (federal police) - since 2005 the only prefix for all newly registered police cars
    • BH - Bundesheer (Federal Army)
    • PT - Post & Telekom Austria (national Phone company)
    • JW - Justizwache (Justice police)
    • ZW - Zollwache (Customs officials)
    • FV - Finanzverwaltung (Financial Administration)


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