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Autochthon (from Greek αὐτόχθων "indigenous", from αὐτο− + χθων "earth, soil"), or the anglicized adjective autochthonous or abstract noun autochthony may refer to:

  • In medicine, autochthonous means originating in the place where found, for example "autochthonous cancer" or "autochthonous cells"

In fiction:

  • Autochthons are the natural inhabitants on a refuge of the CY30-CY30B star system in the novel The Divine Invasion by Philip K. Dick. They worship the deity Yah who has been banished from Earth and must then invade several characters in the story in order to return to Earth again
  • Autochthon Wurm, a card from Wizard of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game

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