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A Trambaix tram in Cornellà with the ATM logo.

Autoritat del Transport Metropolità (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), shortened as ATM, is the organization in charge of the coordination of several public transportation systems in the city of Barcelona, its metropolitan area and other regions under its influence, including the setting of a shared fare, as well as the management, planning and/or construction of infrastructure for the global network.



ATM area until 2009
ATM are since 2009

Although there is no official extension limit for the scope of ATM in the future, the current covered area is approximately the Barcelona's urban region, which comprises the nearby comarcas of Barcelonès, Baix Llobregat, Vallès Occidental, Vallès Oriental, Maresme, Alt Penedès and Garraf and also some farther towns and municipalities with a high mobility dependence with Barcelona, such as Blanes, El Vendrell, Igualada or Manresa.

The metropolitan area is made up of 6 concentric areas, defined by the Entitat del Transport for each of which different fares apply. [1]

The network

The transportation systems under the ATM are:


Regional railway




  • TMB's buses
  • Nitbus (night bus service for several municipalities)
  • Several urban and interurban bus services:
    ALSA, Autobuses Horta, Autobusos de Granollers, Autocorb, Autos Castellbisbal, Barcelona Bus, Casas, Cingles Bus, Cintoi Bus, Font, Hillsa, Hispania, Hispano Hilarienca, Hispano Igualadina, Julià, Manresa Bus, Marés, Masats, Mataró Bus, Mohn, Molinsbus, Montferri, Oliveras, Osona Bus, Plana, Rosanbus, Rubí Bus, Sagalés, Saiz Tour, Sarbus, Soler i Sauret, Transports Ciutat Comtal, Transports Lydia, TMESA, TP, Tulsa, TUS, Vendrell

Future services

Cards and pricing

All of the ATM transport cards can be used in any of these services. These are:

  • T-10
  • T-50/30 - 50 days made in 30 consecutive days from the first use
  • T-Familiar (70/30)
  • T-Mes
  • T-Trimestre
  • T-Dia
  • T-Jove

The tariffs (as of 2009) are the following:

T-10 T-Jove T-50/30 T-Mes T-Dia T-Trimestre T-Familiar (70/30) T-12
Fare zone 1 7,70 112 31'50 47,90 5,80 131,50 45,50 35,00
Fare zone 2 15,40 162 52,80 69,10 9,15 191,00 64,00
Fare zone 3 21,00 217 74,15 93,35 11,55 258,00 87,75
Fare zone 4 27,00 261 92,25 111,00 13,00 307,00 107,50
Fare zone 5 31,00 297 109,00 127,50 14,75 350,00 124,00
Fare zone 6 32'95 308 121,50 136,00 16,50 362,50 133,50


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