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Spain traffic signal s1.svg Autovía Huesca-Lleida
Signal   A-22Spain.png 
European Route   
Beginning Huesca
End Lleida
Length 110 km (68 mi)
List of autopistas and autovías in Spain

Autovía A-22 or Autovía Huesca-Lleida is an upgrade of a section of the existing N-240 Spanish road, managed by the Spanish Government, between Huesca, the second largest city in Aragón and Lleida, a provincial capital in Catalonia. The route is currently under construction with some sections open to traffic.

The A-22 runs mainly in parallel to the existing N-240 road except for certain specific stretches such as the Monzón bypass which opened in 2008, and the Barbastro bypass where alternative routes have been employed. The construction has been divided into the following sectors, Huesca-Siétamo, Siétamo-Velillas, Velillas-Ponzano, Ponzano-El Pueyo, Barbastro Bypass, Monzón Bypass, Binéfar Bypass , Binéfar Bypass-Aragón/Catalonia border, Aragón/Catalonia border-Almacelles Bypass, Almacelles Bypass-La Cerdera, La Cerdera-Junction with A-2 Motorway at the edge of Lleida [1].

By the end of 2009 four of these sectors of the A-22, constituting three individual sections of four-lane highway were open, those from Ponzano-El Pueyo, the Monzón Bypass and the two contiguous sections from the end of the future Almacelles bypass to the A-2 motorway junction at the edge of Lleida. These three separate sections constitute about 30km of the road's 110km length. The remaining sections are under construction with the one exception of Huesca-Siétamo.

When open in full the A-22 will provide far more satisfactory communication between Huesca and Lleida and intermediate towns than previously offerred by the N-240 , but also a direct four-lane highway connection between Huesca and Barcelona, a journey which previously required a long and time consuming diversion via Zaragoza if motorway standard roads were used. The A-22 will provide access to existing highways serving Jaca (Aragón) and Pamplona (Navarra) which are also undergoing the process of upgrading.

The improvements in road communication between Lleida and the province of Huesca are occuring in parallel to developments on the railways in the Lleida area, where a new network of commuter trains (Cercanias) is under consideration. This may include a regular commuter service connecting Lleida, Almacelles, Binéfar, Monzón [2] - all of which are communities served by the N-240 and A-22.

List of major towns connected by the existing N-240 and the A-22, includes Lleida, Almacelles, Binéfar, Monzón, Barbastro and Huesca.


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2. (Article in Spanish on the proposal to extend the Lleida Cercanias to Monzón, Aragón)



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