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Ava Benton
Ava Benton.jpg
Leven Rambin as Ava Benton
All My Children
Portrayed by Leven Rambin
First appearance March 30, 2007
Last appearance February 19, 2008[1]
Gender Female
Residence Currently living at 3900 Glenview Road Wildwind, Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Lived with half sister, Lily at the Montgomery house
Formerly Pine Valley Inn. Room 416
Formerly in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ava Benton is a fictional character on the American soap opera All My Children that was portrayed by actress Leven Rambin, who also portrayed Ava's half-sister, Lily Montgomery. The character first appeared on March 30, 2007, and last appeared on February 19, 2008.

Character history

Ava Benton is first encountered by Aidan Devane, who is working on a stakeout in Philadelphia. He mistakes her for Lily, but soon discovers otherwise. Ava offers to take him on a date, he accepts, and Ava takes him to her apartment where she eats Chinese food. She only wants his money, however, but when Aidan offers her some money, she takes off out the door. Aidan delivers the news to Jackson Montgomery, determining that they must get the girl off the streets. Lily is Jackson's adopted daughter. It is later discovered that Lily and Ava are half-sisters because they share the same father, but Ava is two years older than Lily.

On April 13, Ava and Lily meet face to face for the first time at the Pine Valley Inn, seeing for themselves that they truly are identical in appearance. Adam Chandler pays Ava to break up Sean Montgomery and Colby Chandler's romance. Ava tells Colby that her father paid her to plant drugs on Sean. This confession results with Colby moving out of the Chandler Mansion. Later, Ava sleeps with Jonathan Lavery, but she thinks that Jonathan only slept with her because she looks like Lily and because Jonathan cannot sleep with Lily. Ava gets a job at Fusion Cosmetics as a model, but after talking with Lily, she dyes her hair brown and she gets fired because of it. But she is re-hired by Babe Carey while Kendall Hart Slater is in the hospital, and returns to her previous hair color. After making love with Jonathan on the beach, she begins to feel sick. Babe asks her if she could be pregnant and Ava says it is probably just a bug. Ava decides that she has to buy a pregnancy test, but she ends up not taking it. As she leaves the Fusion office, she is in pain, and when she exits the elevator, she grabs a hold of J.R. Chandler and begs him for help and she says that if he leaves, she will tell the world that the baby is his. He brings her to the hospital and instead of being pregnant, it turns out she has appendicitis. She refuses to have surgery and Lily tries to convince her to have it. Ava tells Lily about a painful memory about her hitting her head on a table corner and her mom just leaving her at the hospital and her being afraid of dying with only strangers. Lily promises not to leave her and touches Ava's hand. Ava hesitantly accepts the surgery and makes a full recovery.

Lily objects to Ava's relationship with her cousin Sean when they live in Jack's house. She's uncomfortable with touching and sex. She is unhappy to discover Ava's relationship with her ex-husband Jonathan while they are living at Wildwind. She eventually accepts their union because she wants her half-sister to be happy. Ava and Jonathan become engaged after she talks with Lily about it (and freaks out over a wedding dress at Fusion), and even gets a tattoo accepting Jonathan's proposal. Lily helps plan the wedding because she's so good at numbers. But on January 16, 2008, Ava tells Amanda Dillon at Fusion that they have broken up. It might have to do with Ava kissing J.R. when he was trying to get her to be the model for his online beauty network.

February 19, 2008, was Ava's last appearance on All My Children.


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