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Directed by GF Roberts
Produced by Sabrina Simone
GF Roberts
Karen Farinelli
Written by GF Roberts
Ted Spencer
Starring Andrew Roth
Melantha Blackthorne
Marc Raco
Richard Flight
Ted Spencer
Editing by Paul Strebor
Studio HYD Films
Running time 99 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $40,000

Aversion is a horror film about a private investigator who discovers too late that the woman he's hired to follow is often possessed by a demon. Alex Stokes (Andrew Roth) is a self-destructive, down-on-his-luck investigator who takes cases wherever he can. When a mysterious man offers him a healthy sum to follow his beautiful wife Claire (Melantha Blackthorne), Alex can't resist. Her seemingly mundane day to day activities take a strange turn when she tries to kill herself. After saving her, their chemistry proves too much to resist and they become romantically entangled. But the fun has just begun as her demonic possessions escalate and Alex's entire town gets sucked into a vortex of evil. Can one lost soul get it together in time to save mankind?

Under the direction of GF Roberts the original script, written by Roberts and Ted Spencer, combines demonic possession with science fiction. The film is somewhat retro in nature due to the fact that it was shot on photographic film and that over ninety percent of the effects are in camera. The tone of Aversion differs from many contemporary movies by providing some comic relief throughout.

The on-set special effects were provided by Monster in My Closet FX under the supervision of Jeremy Selenfriend. Other crew members included assistant director Sabrina Simone, Jared Noe and D Garcia.



This original story marries three different elements into one plot.

The movie is basically a film noir, where a self-destructive, down-and-out investigator takes on a case that may be more than he can handle. Incorporating standard elements like a beautiful woman, excessive drinking and subtle voiceover, the piece is set up like a standard detective film.

Later a science fiction angle, which is part conspiracy and part nouveau alchemy, is introduced. This component, to some degree, extends the common understanding of quantum physics. Within this framework the unbelievable is now possible and the story is set up for special effects and general creepiness.

One final ingredient is comedy. Mostly situational, the laughs come from the somewhat uncommon characters thrown together in this extraordinary scenario. Rather than punchlines; reactions, comparisons and slapstick are used to ease the tension and create a more fun atmosphere.

Not to be forgotten, this is first and foremost a horror movie. Where the film consists of a variety of different genre elements, Aversion is simply a suspenseful film of demonic possession.


  • Andrew Roth as Alex
  • Melantha Blackthorne as Claire
  • Marc Raco as Neil
  • Richard Flight as Belial
  • Ted Spencer as Dr. Cliff
  • Janette Temerian as Liz
  • George Walsh as The Sarge




Quite a few casting sessions were held and there was always one outstanding actor for every role. Fortunately, when offers were made, no one turned down the roles, so essentially a dream cast was assembled.


GF Roberts has been shooting independent film in New York City for years. His projects range from comedy to horror and film to music videos. Starting with short films shot on video with his friends, Roberts discovered that he had a knack for telling stories with the camera. Years later, after scripting a feature film, which was produced, he joined the production team and never looked back. He began shooting film-based projects and after investing in equipment began his own production company. From there he learned the workings of the camera and after sufficient experience he hired himself out as a cinematographer, working on several films. He has also shot music videos and a spec television show. He recently completed “The Citizen Core”, which was an official selection in the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival and Sarah’s Demons, a horror short was an official selection in the 2008 Bare Bones Film Festival.

Filming locations

The movie's opening scene was shot in Pennsylvania. The interrogation scenes were shot in Brooklyn. The bulk of the film though, was shot in upstate New York, mainly Woodstock, New York, the infamous site of the 1969 concert, Kingston, New York and Red Hook, NY Although the film has various locations, it is not supposed to take place anywhere specific.

Urban legends and on-set incidents

A rumor circulated that editor Paul Strebor has had difficulty editing the film as strange events began happening in his apartment as soon as he began. These events included shadows out of the corner of his eye, unmotivated sounds and objects often being moved. No one but Paul has witnessed these happenings.

Alleged subliminal imagery

Aversion is supposed to have subliminal imagery, but the content of the film itself supports such techniques.

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Aversion f. (genitive Aversion, plural Aversionen)

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