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"Axel F"
Single by Harold Faltermeyer
from the album Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack
B-side "Discovery", "Shoot Out"
Released 1985
Format 7", 12"
Recorded 1984
Genre Electronic, Synthpop, New Wave
Length 3:01
Label MCA Records
MCA 949
Writer(s) Harold Faltermeyer
Producer Harold Faltermeyer
Harold Faltermeyer singles chronology
- "Axel F"
"The Race is On" / "Starlight Express"
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"Axel F" is the electronic instrumental theme from the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop performed by Harold Faltermeyer. The title comes from the main character's name, Axel Foley (played by Eddie Murphy), in the film. It topped musical charts in 1985 and remains a popular remix track. Mixes of "Axel F" topped European pop charts in 2003, and again in 2005 as the Crazy Frog song. In addition to the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack, the song also appears on Faltermeyer's 1988 album Harold F. as a bonus track. Reportedly Faltermeyer was against including it, but MCA insisted, as it was his most recognizable track.


Harold Faltermeyer version

Faltermeyer recorded the song using three synthesizers: a Roland Jupiter-8, a Roland JX-3P, and a Yamaha DX-7. The drum part was created with a LinnDrum drum machine. This version of the song reached #2 on the UK Singles Chart and #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US. It also spent two weeks atop the American adult contemporary chart.


Track listings

12" maxi
  1. "Axel F (M & M Mix) — 7:00
  2. "Axel F (Extended Version) — 7:09
  3. "Shoot Out" — 2:44
12" maxi
  1. "Axel F (Extended Version) — 7:09
  2. "Shoot Out" — 2:44
7" single
  1. "Axel F" — 3:00
  2. "Shoot Out" — 2:44


Chart (1985) Peak
Austrian Singles Chart[1] 4
Dutch Singles Chart[2] 1
German Singles Chart[1] 2
Irish Singles Chart[3] 1
New Zealand Singles Chart 1
Swedish Singles Chart[1] 18
Swiss Singles Chart[1] 2
UK Singles Chart[4] 2
U.S. Billboard Hot 100[5] 3
U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Chart[5] 1
U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks[5] 13

Crazy Frog version

"Axel F"
Single by Crazy Frog
from the album Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits
Released May 17, 2005
Format CD single
CD maxi
Digital download
Recorded 1997 (vocals), 2004 (song)
Genre Dance-pop
Happy Hardcore
Length 2:54 (radio edit)
Label Ministry of Sound
Writer(s) Harold Faltermeyer
Producer Bass Bumpers
Certification Diamond France, 2005
Double Platinium Belgium, 2005
Gold (BPI)
Crazy Frog singles chronology
- "Axel F"

In 2005, Crazy Frog remixed the song, also releasing it under name "Axel F," but also known as the "Crazy Frog song." The novelty song is Crazy Frog's first and most internationally successful single. It is a remix of Harold Faltermeyer's 1984 composition "Axel F", produced by Henning Reith and Reinhard "DJ Voodoo" Raith, two members of the German dance production team Bass Bumpers. Jamster! arranged the remix, and later marketed it as a ringtone.

The remix consists of vocals taken from the Crazy Frog recording by Daniel Malmedahl in 1997. It uses mainly the same part of the two-minute original that was used in Jamster's ringtone release. The song also uses the "What's going on ?" vocal shotguns from another 2003 remix of Axel F, by Murphy Brown and Captain Hollywood (dubbed "Axel F 2003" and sometimes "Axel F 2004").

The Ministry of Sound hired Kaktus Film and Erik Wernquist of TurboForce3D, the original creator of the 3D Crazy Frog, to produce a full-length animated music video to accompany the release of the song. The video features the Crazy Frog character, is set in the future, and centres on his pursuit by a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter receives notification of a $50,000 reward for capturing the frog, who is only identified as "The most annoying thing in the world"[citation needed], a reference to Wernquist's original name for the character.

Chart performances

Released across Europe in May 2005, "Axel F" went straight to number one in the UK, with some of the best weekly sales of the year so far (out-selling rivals such as Coldplay by four copies to one), and remained on top of the UK charts for four weeks. In other European countries the popularity has differed, with the remix failing to make the top twenty in Switzerland at first, before gradually climbing to #1, whilst only making #18 in Russia. It also reached #1 in the overall European chart, after initially being number two to Akon's "Lonely" for several weeks, and stayed there until September. It also reached #1 in Australia, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Norway, Ukraine, Spain, and Sweden.

In France, the song made an amazing jump, entering the French singles chart at number 77 on June 11, 2005, and moving all the way to number 2 in the next week. There it stayed for two weeks, and then topped the chart for 13 weeks. It fell off the first position being dethroned by its second single, "Popcorn" (it was only the second time that an artist dethrone himself in that country). The song remained in the top ten for 21 weeks, 30 weeks in the top 50 and 36 weeks in the chart. Its best weekly sales were 103,564 on its sixth week, which is huge in France[6]. On December 1, 2005, it was certified Diamond disc seven months after its release by SNEP, the French certificator. According to the Infodisc Website, it is the 34th best selling single of all time in France, with 1,236,100 sales[7] (1,265,579 sales, according to another source[8]).

Despite the Crazy Frog not being hugely well-known in Japan, the single release also charted there, peaking at #46. It has apparently failed to catch on in the U.S., peaking at #50. Although "Axel F" managed to find more success in Mainstream Markets, it proved to be a moderate success on U.S Rhythmic Top 40 where it peaked at #28 just scraping the top 30. It also peaked at #3 on the U.S Digital Sales beating the likes of Lindsay Lohan and the Black Eyed Peas. Its highest U.S. success was just missing the top spot at #2 on the U.S Adult Contemporary Top 20.

The song was the 65th best-selling single of the 2000 decade in UK.[9]

Music video

The bounty hunter activates a killbot mounted on armoured hover cycle in the video, then it proceeds to track the Crazy Frog as he commutes around the City on his imaginary motorcycle. As the bounty hunter closes in on his prey, the Crazy Frog becomes aware of his pursuer and an unlikely chase begins over skyscrapers and through the city's sewer system, before the killbot launches a guided missile at the Frog.

However, the Crazy Frog is able to mount the missile as it approaches him, evidently confusing its guidance system, as it then begins to loop and glide uncontrollably. The missile eventually locks onto the bounty hunter's van, destroying it and creating a large mushroom cloud. The Crazy Frog manages to escape the blast, covered in dust from the debris and appearing to deliver the closing 'lyrics'.

In the media

In February and March 2006, the Canadian animation television channel Teletoon aired the music video during times between programming, with the genitalia and the explosion edited out.

Cartoon Network aired the music video between programs (roughly 2:58 P.M EST) in February, March, and June 2006, with the genitalia and the explosion edited out.

Some music video channels censored the Crazy Frog's genitalia in the music video. Some had also already done this on the ringtone advertisement.

Single track listing

  1. "Axel F" (Radio Edit) — 2:54
  2. "Axel F" (Club Mix) — 6:23
  3. "Axel F" (Club Mix Instrumental) — 6:23
  4. "In the 80's" — 3:29
  1. "Axel F" (Radio Edit)
  2. "Axel F" (Bounce Mix)
  3. "Axel F" (Bounce Mix Instrumental)
  4. "Axel F" (Reservior Frog Remix)
  5. "Axel F" (Video)

Certifications and sales

Country Certification Date Sales certified Physical sales Digital downloads
Belgium[10] 2 x Platinum September 10, 2005 100,000
Denmark[11] Gold November 22, 2005 4,000
France[12] Diamond December 1, 2005 750,000 1,265,579+[8] 28,800+[13]
Swiss[14] Platinum 2005 40,000
U.S.[15] Gold December 12, 2005 500,000


Chart (2005) Peak
Australian ARIA Singles Chart[16] 1
Austrian Singles Chart[16] 2
Belgian (Flanders) Singles Chart[16] 1
Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart[16] 1
Danish Singles Chart[16] 1
Dutch Singles Chart[17] 7
Eurochart Hot 100 Singles 1
Finnish Singles Chart[16] 2
French SNEP Singles & Digital Charts[16][18] 1
German Singles Chart[17] 3
Irish IRMA Singles Chart[17] 1
Italian FIMI Singles Chart[16] 4
Japanese Singles Chart 46
New Zealand RIANZ Singles Chart[16] 1
Norwegian Singles Chart[16] 1
Spanish Singles Chart[16] 1
Swedish Singles Chart[16] 1
Swiss Singles Chart[16] 1
UK Singles Chart[19] 1
U.S Billboard Hot 100[20] 50
U.S Billboard Hot Dance Club/Play[20] 7
U.S Billboard Latin Tropical Airplay[20] 37
U.S Billboard Pop 100[20] 34
U.S Billboard Rhythmic Top 40 28
U.S Billboard Top 40 Mainstream[20] 40
End of year chart (2005) Position
Australian Singles Chart[21] 4
Australian Dance Singles Chart[22] 1
Austrian Singles Chart[23] 17
Belgian (Flanders) Singles Chart[24] 2
Belgian (Wallonia) Singles Chart[25] 1
French Singles Chart[26] 2
French Digital Chart[13] 7
French Club 50 Chart[27] 23
Irish Singles Chart[28] 4
New Zealand Singles Chart[29] 1
Swiss Singles Chart[30] 2

Other published recordings with chart positions

  • 1991 "Axel F" by Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra for the Telarc release Bond and Beyond
  • 1995 "Axel F"/"Keep Pushin'" (by Clock), a UK #7 hit in 1995.
  • 1998 "Axel F" (by Planet Bass)
  • 1998 "Axel F" (by Trance Atlantic Air Waves)
  • 1999 "Axel F" (by Cobat)
  • 2001 "Axel F" (by Spacecorn) #74 UK
  • 2003 "Axel F 2003"/"Axel F 2004" (by Murphy Brown & Captain Hollywood)
  • 2005 "Italian Fireflies vs Axel Foley Theme" (Author Unknown, sampled from Black Strobe and Harold Faltermeyer)
  • 2007 "Original Techno remix by #1 80's Club Hits Remixed on their album Best of 80's Dance
  • 2009 "Axel F" (by Ron Rockwell).

Cultural references

In TV series

Samples in music

  • Alt-Metal band Rising Conviction uses the tune as the main riff in the song, "Axel FU". Many references are also made in the song to the original Beverly Hills Cop.
  • Korean singer "PSY" made another remix of Axel F in his song 챔피언 "Champion".
  • Korean band "BellaMafia" made a rock remix of Axel F in their song "BellaMafia (Band ver.)"
  • Sampled by dancehall artist Vybz Kartel on the 2006 single, "Car Man", from the album JMT.
  • Kidz Bop Kids remixed the 2005 version by Crazy Frog.
  • There is a Telugu song sampling Axel F [1].
  • Italian Hip Hop group Sottotono sampled Axel F in the song "Stando Alle Regole" from their third album "Sotto Lo Stesso Effetto" (1999).
  • Hyper Crush sampled Axel F in the song "The Delorean" from their first mixtape.
  • 303 Project made a drum 'n bass remix of the song, called "Axel F".

In 1989, Electronic Hip-hop group, Freestyle came out with "Don't Stop the Rock", which had a modified sample of "Axel F"

  • Now defunct punk rock one-man-band Atom & His Package used part of Axel F in his cover of The Dead Milkmen's "Nutrition" from his "Making Love" album.

In video games

  • The "Jurassic Park" game for the Nintendo Game Boy, released in 1993, used a remixed version of "Axel F" as a part of the game's music.
  • Used on Atari ST cover disks by the 'Medway Boys' and 'Pompey Pirates'.
  • Covered on numerous Russian 8bit computer games that have been ported (Radio-86RK, Pentagon, Elektronika BK-0010 and Vector-06C)
  • In the Internet game, Prawn to be Wild, Chapter 7 involves leading squids into a cave by playing their favorite song- Axel F.

In movies

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